The lies dog owners tell when they travel

The Washington Post reports:

Instead of paying extra “pet fees” to hotels or airlines, (a lot of travellers are) spiriting their animal companions into their bags or under blankets in the hope of saving a few bucks.
They also are bending the truth when it comes to their pets, said Ami Moore, a Chicago-based canine behaviorist. One wealthy client recently offered Moore $10,000 to “certify” her dog as a service animal, which would have given the animal a free ride. She refused.

Hmmm. It’s that classic economic truth. Raise prices unfairly high and you create a black market.

And what exactly is a”non-refundable deposit” if not a contradiction in terms?

One thought on “The lies dog owners tell when they travel

  1. This reminds me of the family story of when my Mom and her sisters were little and travelling with their dachshund Schatzi, the only motel was 'no dogs' so they wrapped her in the picnic blanket, which started wagging before they got her in.

    I've heard about this "service dog" racket and I don't think you need $10K for it…but not sure how well these i.d. kits you can order really work. One of them says on its website "(the company) recognizes that every person in America may have some form of disability." …so therefore, any dog can be a service dog… hmm…

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