Meanwhile in Cairn Terrier news…

Somewhat Depressed Cairn Terrier., originally uploaded by Devoidarex.

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5 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Cairn Terrier news…

  1. Cute Cairn! I saw your video with Bridgette….she is soooo stinkin cute! Bonnie is a bolter too…we've often said her full name should be Bonnie Bolter. Therefore, she is ALWAYS on leash, even in the house, we just let it drag. She has bolted down the street laughing over her sholder at us, never watching where she is going. It's seems to be a great game to her, but panic to us. Her drag line gives us the possiblity to actually catch her, without it, she'd be long gone.


  2. Pam,

    Bridget also has to drag her leash at the park. Or I should say that she used to have to drag her leash so that I could stomp on it and catch her.

    Now, however, she is no longer allowed off leash unless I think, "Well, just this once, maybe she's learned her lesson…"

    Like Bonnie, it's a great game to her. She taunts us, looks back over her shoulder, sprints away like a dog in the movies.

    It didn't used to be this way either. The whole bolting thing has gone from once in a blue moon to every time she's off leash.

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