This story is just to big too wait for West Highland Terrier Wednesday

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Okay, so by now we’ve all heard about newborn babies being mixed up at the hospitals. But westies at the dog groomer’s? That’s a new one for me. And, all the more shocking is the fact that it happened in Scotland of all places.

STV reports on the curious case of the dogs in the grooming shop.

A Scottish dog owner is suing a pet groomer for “emotional distress” after a mix-up meant she took the wrong dog home and lived with it for a year.

Maureen Fyffe sent her West Highland terrier to Family Friend Grooming Parlour for a pooch makeover – on the same day that another dog of the same breed, age, sex, and markings was taken in.

The collars were removed before the identical dogs were washed and brushed before being handed back to their owners.

But Mrs Fyffe thought it was strange when Lucy came home from Dundee’s Family Friend Grooming Parlour last March and refused to drink her usual saucer of coffee.

10 thoughts on “This story is just to big too wait for West Highland Terrier Wednesday

  1. As the proud owner of a Westie, I have been told so many times that when they come out of the groomers they all look the same. I disagree. Yes, they are all the same color but there are differences. I can't imagine not figuring out I had the wrong dog, especially once you get them home. Why did it take her a year to figure out it wasn't her dog? And what about the other dog owner? Didn't he/she notice a difference with the Westie they had? Strange.

  2. I'd notice… how can you not notice? Even forgeting the slight physical differences, how about the massive behaviour differences and the basic fact that the dog wont answer to a different name. Beats me how they didn't notice.
    Don't think the groomer can take all the blame here.
    and yep, do your own grooming.

  3. Very strange!! I can't believe the situation just went on for a year, a few seconds should have been enough to know you had the wrong dog?! Someone had a defective chip or lazy vet who didn't read it right but that's beside the point. I'm not quite sure suing is in order because I'd have got to the bottom of it that same day but what a negligent groomer… ours apologised profusely when she sent another dog home with our Ceilidh's collar last time… hmmm.

  4. What a Tale of Two Westies.

    If this were the USA, instead of my thrifty homeland, both the vet and the groomer would be sued for millions.


  5. If neither noticed for a year, they should each keep the dog they have. Why mess up the poor pooches now.

    At doggy day care, the wrong Westie was brought out to me once. I knew right away. They felt so bad, they gave me free credit for the day!

  6. Sorry, but I simply just can’t imagine this happening. First of all, my boys would have made SUCH a ruckus if they’d sensed that I was in the shop (i.e. no matter which owner showed up first, the dog(s) would have sensed their owner’s presence). And … an entire year … ??? (sorry, but I just can’t fathom it – any and all of my dogs have personalities …)

  7. Ok. I am mom to two Scottish terriers ( brothers and so perfectly alike) and mom to two westies I find this hard to believe. What kind of owner doesn’t notice your own pet is the wrong one? How attentive of a pet owner was this lady in the first place. Shame on the Groomer too.

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