Ultimate fighting champ takes Scottie to dog park and ends up choking pitbull

Wow! Jonathan Goulet, an ultimate fighter and Scottish Terrier owner who hails from my home town of Montreal, was recently at the dog park enjoying a beautiful spring day when “all hell broke loose…

Over the top of a mother’s screams and a child’s uncontrollable sobs, Goulet heard the unmistakable snarling canine battle growl of the pit bull. With no regard for his own safety, he turned and pounced on the perpetrator, who was now holding a limp, lifeless body in its vice-like jaws.

He now admits that it was a dangerous thing to do, but Goulet, who has a daughter of his own, says he wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night knowing he hadn’t done something to help. He points to his MMA training as the factor in allowing him to save at least one life that day and he says he’s glad that he was able to prevent anyone else from being injured that day.

“I didn’t even think; I looked over and I saw that the dog had something in its mouth and I thought for sure it was a kid, so I jumped on top of it and got him in a rear naked choke. I stood him up on his back legs and I put all of my weight on him. Eventually, I realized that he only had the poodle in his mouth,” Goulet explains. “He wouldn’t let go of it and I didn’t let go of him either. I didn’t want him to get mad at me and bite me on my face or to hurt someone, so I finished the choke and he passed out. When he did, he let go of the poodle, which was hurt and bleeding really bad. Even after he passed out, and I let off the choke, I didn’t let him go until the owner grabbed his chain.”

Within moments, the pit bull would regain consciousness, and order was restored in the park.

The burning question now is whether Goulet’s dog has a six pack like his owner’s. The Scottie News is officially looking for the money shot of shirtless Goulet with his Scottish Terrier.

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