Finally! Volcanic ash cloud causes Scottie problems

All the while that volcanic ash cloud was hovering over Europe, wreaking airline travel havoc, the Scottie News was looking for the Scottish Terrier angle. Well, we finally found it: Massachusetts man heads to Sweden to adopt a Scottie and gets stranded before finally making it home with Scottie in tow.

No oil leak story yet and I’m not sure I even want to know if there is one. Blech!

6 thoughts on “Finally! Volcanic ash cloud causes Scottie problems

  1. Hmm, yeah doesn't sound exactly like a conventional "adoption" as in rescue. Maybe they're using "adoption" rather than "purchase"?

  2. While there aren't an over abundance of Scotties in rescue, there are currently 207 Scotties and Scottie Mixes available on Petfinder. And that does not include many in small local shelters that don't even get listed on Petfinder because they find homes quickly.

    We adopted our purebred Scottie from our local SPCA, hence his nickname -Secondhand Scottie. Our next one will come from a rescue as well.

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