How much would you spend on a sick pet?

The New York Times asks the question and 400-plus readers (at last count) answer.

2 thoughts on “How much would you spend on a sick pet?

  1. Well, we've "been there, done that.." We spent thousands on a pet in the past. In her case the treatment improved her life and without she couldn't have lived. Plus, she lived a normal life too. What I'm saying is the money was well spent as it DID make her healthy. She lived to be 12 years old – for a Lab that's pretty decent. So, I guess I would do it again if the situation arose – as long as it was something that was improving their quality of life. Heck, they are a member of your family – how can you NOT spent whatever it takes to help them?

  2. This is one of the questions my mother-in-law would answer with "how long is a piece of string"?? 🙂 In other words, whatever it takes! I do agree with Anon. in that you need to rationalise what the outcome for the pet is going to be and is it only for your benefit or theirs. This is still a sore subject with us after an incident earlier in the year when we learned that one of our vets seems to have a different view on this than we do. Fortunately it was not learned at the cost of our Teagan's life and we are richer for having her, of course!!! (but ~$4K less in the bank…).

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