New photos of Bosley, the Congressman’s Scottie

The Washington Post has a wonderful photo essay and article on “Congressmen and women and their staffs have embraced the practice of bringing their dogs to work, filling offices and halls with wagging tails and clattering paws.”

Bosley the Scottish Terrier and Nigel the Jack Russel make an appearance for the first time in three years. They survived the scandal that surrounded their last appearance on the Scottie News.

Thanks to our D.C. Deep Throat for the tip.

3 thoughts on “New photos of Bosley, the Congressman’s Scottie

  1. When I worked on the Hill, I took Tartan to the office with me when he was a pup. It was years ago and I don't recall many dogs on the House side. Glad to see that there are now. The Hill is so stressful not to mention long hours that having a dog in the office really relaxes the staffers.

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