Phew! Stolen Scottish Terrier puppy is returned

The New Britain Herald in Connecticut reports:

NEWINGTON — A puppy stolen from the Connecticut Humane Society was dropped off at an animal hospital anonymously Wednesday, exactly a week after being taken.

Sherlock, a 9-week-old Scottish terrier, was “slightly dehydrated” according to Alisha Wright, public relations manager for the Connecticut Humane Society. The dog was given some fluids and returned to the humane center staff.

2 thoughts on “Phew! Stolen Scottish Terrier puppy is returned

  1. Did anyone catch that they referred to Sherlock as a "Yorkshire" during the video? Silly newscasters…

  2. Poor little Sherlock (and yeah, adding insult to injury – jk – but what dingbats). Hope he finds a great new home soon!

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