Hitchcock places 61st at Euro Agility event

Bravo, Hitchcock!

5 thoughts on “Hitchcock places 61st at Euro Agility event

  1. Wow, tough judges.

    Do they take short legs into account for timing?

    Hitchcock is a champion among Scotties!

  2. Hitchcock is truly impressive. I am compelled to say though that our long and lean male Scottie Echo could run the pants off of Hitchcock. Echo is totally untrained, and ball obsessed but fast as the dickens aided by exceptionally long legs. My sincerest congrats to Hitchcock and his owner for a job well done.

  3. Hi there
    I’m the owner of Hitchcock – Thanks for the comments.
    The movie just above is a normal meeting, not the European Open, The European Open Movie you can watch more above:
    Hitchcock was thirdbest Swiss Smalldog at European Open, we had only on dog that “took away” the ticket to the final, thats the sport – so it was really close. And I was really proud of him, first to qualify and then to run such nice runs in Liberec.

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