6 thoughts on “If dogs wrote Cat Fancy magazine…

  1. Zeke & the Siamese chorus LAUGH and meow: "As if Dogs can concentrate on something long enough to come up with a Title…much less an article! Silly canines — go fetch something. BTW – nice Foldie on the cover."

    The Scotties howl an indignant reply: "Hhheyyy that's not ni…what?…was that a rabbit in the back yard?"

  2. I love all animals full-stop.

    I’ll laugh at most jokes except for the racist and sexist ones.

    I also love the complete daftness of this.

    SO, is a cat joke from a dog’s POV a ‘raciest’ joke?

    …or is that just mega daft hypothesis ?!?!

    LOL… Tegan

  3. Hilarious, my scottie loves our cat as well. Especially her litter box. While we are on this subject of cats and dogs, does anyone have any clever solution for keeping cat litter off my dog's nose? Any input, high tech litter box models, prayers is appreciated.

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