Imagine you went to make your morning coffee…

… and you discovered a Scottish Terrier on the kitchen counter.

Bombastic Angus by Anita Clapp

But how did he get up there? His owner, Anita, answers:

He has a system. He climbs onto the sofa, onto the arm of the sofa and then onto the counter top where I keep the cat dish so he and his other canine brothers won’t bother it. (perhaps I need to rethink that!! LOL) I’ve occasionally caught him at the cat dish…..but this venture was something he had, to my knowledge, never done before! I do know that he is an avid mouser, and we occasionally do have a mouse… that might be the explanation. But to be honest, that is the cat food bin he has his nose on.

5 thoughts on “Imagine you went to make your morning coffee…

  1. They can be a bit like cats sometimes can't they. Only where a cat can just jump straight up a Scottie has to plan out his route! We keep our 2 scotties quarantined at night otherwise the house would be a disaster!

  2. I don't think our Scotties know they are actually dogs, not cats. They love to crawl on the back of the couch and sleep there like a cat. Sometimes while you are leaning back they will even curl up to the back of your neck and sleep.

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