One day late: West Highland Terrier Wednesday

Westie attacks chainsaw. (Aren’t you glad it wasn’t a Scottie?)

3 thoughts on “One day late: West Highland Terrier Wednesday

  1. LOL just noticed that a Westie owner was confused and told off the other blog writers for saying "Aren't you glad it wasn't a Scottie?" instead of you. (not sure I see the problem with that, given that the dog was OK…?). The photo of her looks like she has no ears though! (assume folded back).

  2. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    It's understandable that my little joke wasn't for everyone, but I trust regular readers know I would never wish any harm on an animal, even cats and non-Scotties.

  3. Interesting. I missed the news of the earthquake. I didn’t know Ottawa was ina a geologically active area. However, I’m a Texan, and most of my education was in Texas public schools, so I’m ignorant about Canada. (Most TX public schools leave a great deal to be desired – aka, they s—.)

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