Scottish Terrier closes out beer commercial

Thanks to the reader who spotted this.

And on the subject of beer, here’s the best Scottish Terrier and beer video ever.

3 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier closes out beer commercial

  1. Have you seen this 4 year old magnificent gentleman? A rescue about to be adopted! People had to literally get in a lottery to get the chance at adopting him! Never seen one like him ever! The King Of Scotties! I predict he will be famous!!
    Look for “Wallace” the most unique Scottie ever!! Have you ever seen a parti-color Scottie? Nobody else has, it was more common centuries ago. It was breeded out, apparently. A recessive gene. But he’s fabulous!! Please post his picture so your members can see him. Thx!!/STRNW

    1. He is sort of George Clooney-esque.

      I will definitely put together a post about him.

      Thanks so much for the tip. It is much appreciated.

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