A vet discusses designer dogs

Breeding outside the limited pool, by crossing two breeds, increases the variety of genes with the potential for advantageous health-related results. For example, pugs are a very popular type of purebred dog, but suffer from respiratory problems due to their pushed-in noses. The AKC breed standard for the pug says “the muzzle is short, blunt, square . . . ”

One thought on “A vet discusses designer dogs

  1. Hmm I'm still not sure I like the idea..! Apart from certain breeds like the Labradoodle which were developed for a genuine purpose (allergic people who needed service dogs, supposedly) that couldn't be filled by an existing breed, they are being bred for looks of various breed combinations & seems a bit too trendy and "gimmicky" for me! You can't tell me the Puggle was created just to alleviate breathing problems from the pushed-in nose. I dunno, guess I'm just a luddite, but ???

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