Wish I were Hamish the Scottie at the beach

Hamish, originally uploaded by rosieplumpton.
Please tell the Scottie News how your Scottish Terrier copes with the heat. I’m especially interested to hear from you Arizona and Texas terrier owners.

My Canadian dog basically just flakes out completely when it gets too hot and humid.

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  1. My husband and I have a wheaten color and a black Scottish terrier and live in Oklahoma. The wheaten is fine for most of the year till we get to these days where the temp is 95 with a heat index of 115. The black on the other hand stays hot pretty much all year round. During the summer it is mostly when she is outside, which is just when she is ready to go to the bathroom. Once she is done though she is immediately at the door looking to get back in the cool house. In the winter however, we find that she likes to be out more and thinks the house it too hot (even though we keep it at 70ish). We try to help them out in the summer by trimming there hair short. It takes away that beautiful skirt, but I would rather them look like a rat for a month or two then them getting too hot.
    When we do end up going to the lake, they tend to find a nice shade and stay there until we throw them in the lake for a bit with their life jackets on.

  2. I have two black brindles and a "sweetie wheatie" and live in Dallas,Texas. The female brindle was a rescue from Houston and actually "sunbathes" out by the pool every chance she gets.She cannot stand any cold. The black male seems to regulate his temp by cooling his feet off on the tile inside when he gets too hot.Running in and out of the dog door as he wants. The poor wheatie, surprisingly, is the one who suffers the most. He cannot stand the heat and lays on the tile or in an "uppy puppy" position on his back whenever he comes in from outside.I don't know if that is because he is originally from Kansas or just his make up but he was trying to find shade at the park the other day by standing in the shadow of a pole. As he is one of those giant economy sized Scotties (35lbs), it was pretty funny to watch him try to fit himself into the shade.

  3. We have a 10yr old black Scottie, Arnie. This is our first summer in TX, but we lived in KS for 12 years, so Arnie is used to the heat. Humidity might be a little less here in TX, but raw temp is higher on average. It's just as hot here as it was in KS, so Arnie is perfectly happy to sit on a chair inside where it's nice and cool – and he picks the chair under the ceiling fan for added comfort. We have a pool but he hasn't shown any interest in it. Our neighbors have 2 Scotties who actually get in the pool on the first step and cool off. Arnie will sit outside for a couple of minutes after the sun goes down – but until then he's out and back before I can even close the door. We had another GREAT Scottie, Jack, who passed last year at 12 1/2 from liver failure. He was 54 lbs and would've hated the heat… but always loved the A/C!

  4. I live in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast. It gets upwards of 90 degrees and better during the summer here. My Scottie, Fiona, got her summer trim from her groomer in June. She doesn't have a long "kilt" anymore (what we call her "skirt"); she was cropped close and now sports a "miniskirt." To keep cool she will either lay under an A/C vent or eat plenty of ice cubes. Plus she loves vanilla ice cream as a treat in these summer months. (Yes, she is spoiled.)

  5. Today here in Chandler AZ it is 115 degrees and expected to be hotter by Friday. We keep our five Scotties in a short cut, no skirts or long beards.

    They want to run outside so we have to watch them very carefully. No more than 5 minutes or so after genrally 10 am until the sun goes down. The house is cool so when they come in the group usually 'frogs' on the floor to cool down.

    I keep a large bowl of fresh clean water with ice in the dining area. The bowl is close to the doggies door so they don't have to walk far for a quick drink.

    Once the temperature gets below 75 later in the year, the Scotties will spend more time outside on their own. But for now, in this heat, I watch them carefully and restrict outside activities.

    Of course the downside is all their energy is expended inside the house during summer. It's like a wrecking crew came though the house at the end of the day.

  6. Callie lives in Houston. She does pretty well by spending most of the time indoors in the AC. I walk her early each morning and she does ok at that time. If it is not the heat of the day she will sun herself by the pool. Summer time she will get itchy skin on her back by her hind quarters so she will need pills to keep from chewing her hair off, but seems to be doing well this year.

  7. When Mollie gets too hot she runs for the shade and refuses to budge unless the shade goes with her (this is her at the Cotton Bowl http://www.flickr.com/photos/snosnam/468751135). She cools off by laying spread eagle on the floor. Last week when temps topped 100 she actually refused to go for a ride – the seats were too hot. As soon as I put her in she jumped out of the car and ran back to the door.

  8. Augie is very black and will walk within the outline of the shade if it gets over 72 degree. Our crazy Brindle, Mickey, will lay in the sun and wonder why he is so hot; I have to go out and coax him back indoors!

  9. We have a 2 y.o. black brindle Scottie (Porter) and a 3 month old wheaten Scottie puppy (Ernest) in Spokane, WA. We had temps in the 90s for a few days in a row last week and, even though it's a pretty dry heat out here, both of them turned to lazy blobs during the day. They "survived" on a steady supply of ice cubes and an occasional run through the sprinkler in the yard. Naturally, when it cooled down at night, it was time to run around the house and play.

  10. Teagan is a little black English Scottie and she does not like the heat! We try to do walks in the morning or go to the path in our local park which is shaded. She has a mini-skirt too and is pretty much shaved underneath. Ceilidh (wheatie) doesn't mind the heat so much but they are both happy to flop out in the AC most of the day! I like the term "frogging", Ken 🙂

  11. I have a black Scottie, Molly, and we live in Houston where it reaches nearly 100 degrees many summer afternoons. Molly loves being outside, period. It can be bitter cold or scorching hot and Molly still loves to be outside running around and chasing after birds and squirrels. However, whenever we go anywhere, I make sure to bring water for her. When she makes it back into our house (which is kept at 70), she usually spreads out on the tile as she cools off. But give her a few minutes and she is ready to run back outside into the heat!

  12. We live in Tucson Arizona with our beautiful new black Scottie puppy, Maizie, she is 4 1/2 months old and really does not like the heat. One day we found her playing in her water bowl, she does not like the pool. So we bought her a baby pool and fill it up with a couple inches of water and she LOVES it…plays in and out of it and just has a ball. It cools her off and she thinks it's great fun. In the late afternoon if it is too hot we just don't let her play outside. She is learning fast and just a delight.

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