Another Scottish Terrier burglary is solved

The B-Town Blog reports:

The King County Sheriff’s Department is reporting that the 10-week old Scottish Terrier puppy that was stolen in the burglary of a Burien pet store on Thursday, July 29th (read our first report here), was found Sunday morning, Aug. 1st.

As we first reported Thursday, deputies on routine patrol heard the pet store’s burglar alarm go off around 4:12am that morning, then tracked it to “A Place For Pets” (431 SW 152 Street) and found the rear door in the alley open. Further investigation revealed the burglar probably got into the store by removing an air conditioner unit from a rear window, before stealing just the puppy, which was valued at $745.

See this past week’s other tale of a stolen Scottie and the Seattle Pioneer‘s previous coverage of the pet shop robbery.