Bad dog owner behavior on Toronto public transit

One of the things I love about Toronto is that they allow leashed dogs on the streetcars and subways. It’s a rarity in North America so when I see a woman like this abusing the system, and potentially spoiling it for responsible dog owners, it really makes me furious. I took her picture on Saturday, but she was oblivious. Something tells me that might be her normal state of mind.

7 thoughts on “Bad dog owner behavior on Toronto public transit

  1. That poor dog should be taken away from that young woman.This would never happen in Glasgow unless it was a pitbull and a skinhead.

  2. AnnB of Scottie News here. The problem is that the dog is occupying its own streetcar seat. You know — the one made for humans.

  3. I finally decided that must be the problem too… well I guess non-doggy people do exist & could raise a stink & get dogs banned…sigh. :-/

  4. I just think it's not appropriate for dogs to be in human seats on public transit in the same way that I get really angry when I see people putting their feet on the seats. Shoes and paws walk on the dirty ground. People have a right not to sit on seats that have been dirtied with them.

    I'm fine with Bridget on the couch at home but not my bed and not other people's seats on the streetcar.

  5. I suupse this is just a matter of opinion – as you said you don't care for dogs on some things like that. Me, I don't really care. It seems some dogs are cleaner than a lot of people these days but…. I see your point and the four-legged should be kept on the floor for people such as you. It's only right.

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