In Mackay, Australia, two Scottish Terrier mixes are looking for a home

Scottie Crosses
Are you in Queensland and willing to give a home to two Scottish Terrier crosses?

The Mackay Daily Mercury reports:

Zoe and Laura are cute, fluffy and playful but they need a friendly home to call their own. And if you can provide them a home you will have double the fun.

The pair, who have grown up together, have been living at the Homebush boarding kennels after their owners had to leave the country suddenly due to personal reasons and were not able to find them a home in time.

Even if you can’t take Zoe and Laura, you can try and guess what kind of crosses they are. The Scottie News suspects Laura, the lighter dog, might be a Scojack — a Scottish Terrier/ Jack Russell cross — or some kind of Norfolk/Norwich mix-up or maybe not even Scottie at all. Zoe definitely looks like a Scottie cross — perhaps with a beagle. Add your thoughts in the comments. And remember, you can’t trust those dog DNA tests to do the detective work for you.test