Scottish Terrier Smokie diagnosed with pneumonia

Jeanne wrote yesterday to update the Scottie News on Smokie’s condition:

Over this past weekend Smokie aspirated a little when he threw up and by Sunday night I could hear a definite rattle in his breathing/throat. First thing Monday morning, we were at our Vet’s. Diagnosis: extremely dehydrated, put him on fluids and x-rayed his throat and chest, saw what could be a mass in his throat. After flying trip in the early afternoon to VREC, imaging center in San Antonio, their Dr. talking to my Dr., Smokie had raging pneumonia and mega-sophagus but no mass, ie no cancer at this point. Back to the Vet, has been there ever since. Getting fluids, medication for the pneumonia , amino acids and yesterday added some med. to hopefully stop the retching. Did not throw up yesterday or as of noon today. Is showing a lot of improvement this morning, much more alert, we went outside walked around and peepeed! Has refused to eat/chew up to now, they are going to try solid food today to get some more improvement. During all this he has not been itching at all!

I read all of the postings from so many great people that you forwarded on to me. Cannot thank you ALL enough for the thoughtful suggestions.. Some I had already tried, and others I intend to use depending on Smokie’s final condition when he comes home. I have printed them all out to save the contacts and the information. The Vets, all three of them, are not sure if the stomach problem caused the enlarged esophagus or the other way around. After we get the pneumonia under control will work on the esophagus problem. Thank you again for all the super people and their ideas and concern. Smokie and I have had a terrible week and reading all of the ideas and sensing the concer n sure helped me make it thru this week. Will keep you posted. Sincerely, Jeanne

The Scottie News hopes Smokie is well on his way to recovery.