Scottish Terrier video: the sacrificial sofa

5 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier video: the sacrificial sofa

  1. That dreadful shade of gray, with the red and white cushions! I say the dog had some interior design sense (unlike its owner) and was using the bubbles as a front to make a more profound fashion statement.

  2. I fail to understand why such destructive behavior would be encouraged. Scotties need to have their energy channeled in a positive way. Bubbles are a good idea, but tearing the sofa apart should be a big no-no.

  3. I laughed but have to agree, agraciesmama …I guess when they come home to find the furniture destroyed (albeit not much of a loss this time..) they can just blame themselves!!

  4. Interesting. I got the feeling it was some kind of Frat House or such, but now that I think about it those red and white pillows wouldn't make sense in such a setting.

    What I can state definitively, however, is that YouTube is absolutely no place to go for decorating tips. I am constantly horrified by the number of people who seem to have their TVs playing constantly, even as they're recording video for YouTube.

  5. Hm, good observation …with some people the TV is just constantly on in the background no matter what. No comment re. the prevalence of ADD! Actually the people in the video sounded like a middle-aged couple to me – but age doesn't mean good judgement!

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