Stolen Scottish Terrier puppy was likely a mill dog

A reader wrote to remind the Scottie News that no matter how glad everyone is that the Seattle-area stolen Scottish Terrier puppy was found, pet store dogs are very often from puppy mills.

It just makes me crazy when I see the deplorable conditions those puppies come from. I rescued a westie from a shelter in NM last week and traced his microchip to a pet store in Vegas and then to a puppy mill in missouri, the “breeder” has 58 dogs. I can imagine what life is like there.

Any time I can get a word in I do. I live in Durango Colorado. I go to a shelter in Aztec NM and pull dogs, rehab them and get them adopted. The population in and around Aztec for the most part is poor and uneducated. Many backyard breeders. Many purebred dogs end up in this shelter as a result, upwards of 1,000 dogs a month come in in the summer. I only take 1-2 litters, or 1-2 adult dogs a month to rescue. I house train them, give them love and 100%, then find them their perfect home. So barely a drop in the bucket. But I do make a difference for those few at least. 🙂

I fell in love with a Scottie posted on a Scottie rescue web site in Nashville TN and convinced the woman to adopt to someone(me) out of state and my life was changed forever! How I love this little dog. He is a brindle scottie and his name is Sarge. He came from a puppy mill rescue in KY. He has his own booster seat in my truck and even recently traveled with me on a plane in cabin to NC, I have attached a picture. He was shaved when rescued because he was so matted. I was told he was afraid of sunlight…well he’s not afraid of anything anymore! I subscribed to your newsletter after getting Sarge and I am a feverent supporter of all things Scottie. Thank you for the wonderful videos and stories on these wonderful dogs.

Please include a note on puppies in pet stores and their origin. We must change this. These dogs must be protected from people who mistreat and neglect them, breed them and force them to live terrible lives in cages. No dog should ever live in a cage. Awareness and education, don’t ever buy a puppy from a pet store.

Vivienne Bell

4 thoughts on “Stolen Scottish Terrier puppy was likely a mill dog

  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Vivienne, and I'm glad to read that Sarge enjoyed his airplane trip to NC. The pet store at our local mall recently closed, and I was always surprised to realize that there are still people who buy puppies from petstores, despite the efforts of people like you and rescue groups (although I'm glad the puppies get to go home with someone…). Sarge looks like a great dog!

  2. Thanks from me too Vivienne. I guess many people are aware of puppy mill/pet store connection but they feel like they are "rescuing" the puppy in the cage… and all the while helping keep the "industry" going!

  3. What a wonderful story! You absolutely make a difference, no matter how small in the scheme of things – it's HUGE in the lives of those dogs! I have 2 Scotties and they are the center of my universe. The thought of any dog being mistreated is unbearable. Thanks for sharing your story and for what you do!

  4. As a birthday gift to our daughter we gave her a rescue Scottie from a puppy mill. She was 5 and had at least 4 litters. Diamond has a few health issues but is a joy. She loves to sit in your lap and go to "grandmas" Her and her "sister" Abby were once featured on STDN in my daughter's wedding.

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