Treating skin allergies in Scottish and West Highland Terriers

by AnnB on August 7, 2010 · 31 comments

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It’s that time of year and Bridget is starting to get a bit itchy again so this helpful note on allergies from a new reader was perfectly timed: Our 7 year old Scottie Maggie also has seasonal skin problems. The itch is close to unbearable for her. This is what I’ve learned:

1. We’ve tried many different treatments but have settled on frequent bathing as the most effective. We use an anti-seborrheic and dry skin shampoo called Allergroom (it’s also hypoallergenic) followed by an oatmeal cream rinse and conditioner called Epi-Soothe. Our vet said they can be used as often as necessary. We bathe her two or three times a week when the itch is really bad and as it improves we taper off to weekly. I may try using a medicated shampoo which you referenced to see if it cuts down on the frequent baths which she hates (why, I don’t know because she’ll plunge into the frigid waters of Lake Ontario to chase ducks and seagulls).

2. We also give her generic anti-histamine tablets (for humans) to relieve the itch, again just when it’s really bad. The vet endorsed the use of ‘human’ pills and recommended the dosage and frequency. Yes, price matters!

3. Finally, we try to distract her from the itching/scratching continuum by making her environment as stimulating as possible. This includes going for walks, spending time in the yard (in and out of the house about 300 times a day), access to windows when indoors so she can keep a close watch on the squirrel population and bringing her along in the car when we’re doing short errands.

All in all I’m satisfied with this approach. It’s effective and avoids us having to shipping kangaroo meat from Australia (!).

I had never heard of a kangaroo meat diet for allergies until this note arrived, but, yes, it is recommended by some. Scottie News will try and look into it further.

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