Weaning Scottish Terrier puppies

8-9-2010 Weening
Originally uploaded by gibscot

On the menu for these 24-day-old Scottie puppies is “goat’s milk with baby food rice cereal and a bit of rice syrup…yummm!”

Here are the much younger pups with their mother, Clara.

10 thoughts on “Weaning Scottish Terrier puppies

  1. Dour Scotsman, I happen to be a "gal" anonymous, and typos and/ or grammatical errors drive me crazy.
    Sweet video, though…

  2. I like how you're tough on typos or spelling mistakes as we call them on the mean streets of Glasgow.

    Maybe we could play online Scrabble together some time.

  3. Sorry to interrupt. I corrected the headline mistake. Thanks for the tip, Gal Anonymous.

    May I ask if you are flattered by the Dour Scotsman's attentions? Or annoyed?

  4. Ann B, That's a fair enough question. I am neither annoyed nor flattered, but in the interest of staying on topic (Scotties), I hereby wean myself off this thread.

  5. LOLOL, Dour Scotsman never gave me that much attention… O.K, it was my dreadful grammar wasn't it? Eh?
    On a less foolish note, this was lovely. All the singing and pretty talking while they drank, totally indulgent. I must make an effort to sing while Kirk eats, although I kinda think (darn), I mean I suspect it would put her off eating altogether if anything.


  6. Oh dear, I thought we might have had our first Scottie News romance. Or at least the first Scottie News romance that I knew about.

    Matchmaker, matchmaker…

  7. And it could have been the start of something beautiful LOL! 🙂

    Congrats on the super puppies Gibscot – little black bears!!!

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