Westie Wednesday: Another Harry story

The indomitable Harry the West Highland is back, not quite alive and kicking, but alive at least. His biographer, Peter McKay, has the latest chapter in Harry’s life story:

Harry was never much of a fun dog, spending most of his energy begging for food, following my wife around the house and snubbing the rest of us. But every once in a while, you could creep up on him on all fours, snarl at him, and he’d jump into a crouch, ready to take pretend snaps at your hands. He also was kind of fun to chase after. I’d yell “I’m going to get you Harry!” in a deep, evil voice and run after him. He’d skitter around the house, running in circles and hiding under tables.
This sounds like pet abuse, but Harry knew it was a game, sometimes initiating the chase himself by running up and hopping up and down. (Wow, I guess this is kind of late to consider this, but I sincerely hope he knew it was a game.)

Meanwhile in other geriatric Westie news, “a West Highland terrier has been dubbed a ‘canine carer’ after giving a lonely and housebound Ewell pensioner a new lease of life.” Read the full story.

2 thoughts on “Westie Wednesday: Another Harry story

  1. The second story is just lovely! What a nice program for elderly people (and the dog owners)! Amused to see some news from Teagan's old stomping-grounds too! 🙂

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