Where do wheaten Scotties come from?

Fiona the Scottie dog with her two-day-old black pups
Wheaten Scottish Terrier Fiona with her two-day-old black puppies

Okay, okay, we know that based on this photo, the question should be more like, “Where do black Scotties come from?” But that’s not the usual question even if, for the first time ever, this 2007 shot does indeed make you want to ask, “Is it possible she’s really the mother?” as opposed to that other more-oft-posed question, “Is he really the father?”

But we digress this post is about the  genetics and breeding of Wheaten Scottish Terriers. Here’s breeder Gibscot’s explanation:

The wheaten coloring is a recessive gene…in order to get a wheaten scottie, both dam and sire must have the gene…old Mendelian genetics. The sire is pure black without the wheaten gene so all three pups are black but have the wheaten gene from their mum. For Clara to have wheaten pups she would have to mate with a wheaten male (50% of the pups should be wheaten) or a black dog that has the wheaten gene (25% of the litter should then be wheaten). Wheaten to wheaten you get 100% wheaten pups. Sorry for the genetics lecture.

When I bred Fiona I had three major criteria I looked for, equally weighted in the potential sire: health/longevity, temperament & conformation. Ravenscraig Two Bears (Eli) won out on all three. He’s from healthy English stock and shares the Pendelhill/Kennelgarth pedigree with her, he’s as sweet as a lamb yet fearless and outgoing, and he’s drop dead gorgeous with good heavy bone, beautiful head and short legs and back. It would have been really cool for him to have the wheaten gene too but that wasn’t as important to me…maybe her second and final breeding?

I found Fiona and her pups after posting the video of the other Gibscot Scottie puppies last week.

13 thoughts on “Where do wheaten Scotties come from?

  1. Has anyone ever seen any published statistics indicating what fraction of all Scottish Terriers are Wheatens?

    Bob Rosen
    & 9 month old Wheaten boy, “Redgy”

  2. A beautiful picture, mother and pups, Gibscot’s should be very proud. I have a “Red” Brindle Scottie, her father was a Wheaten, and her first husband carried the Wheaten gene. We did not get any Wheaten pups from her first litter of five. She had a subsequent marriage to another brindle and her daughter has so much Wheaten brindle in her coat she looks like a California surfer girl. Whatever their color Scotties are simply fantastic!

  3. Valgus Deformity of Forelegs
    My one year old Scot was just diagnosed with this genetic disease.
    I cannot find any info on this in Scottish Terriers.
    This is my third Scot. My last Scot had Cushing’s and by constant blood monitoring and Lysodren I was able to keep him alive for eight happy years after being diagnosed at age four. With Cushing’s there was a lot of info out there, even the San Francisco Bay Scottish Terrier Club was following a veterinary research out of a University on Cushing’s in Scot.
    Can you direct me in any way as to where I can get info on Genetic Valgus Deformity of Forelegs in Scots?
    Why would the AKC allow dogs that carry this to be registered ~ I am in tears and I just cannot understand.
    Most Sincerely Sandy

  4. I was told by a woman with much scottie experience that wheaten scotties have a different personality than the black and brindles–that they are more aloof and know they are different. I have my first wheaten (she is 8 months) and while she is cautious, she doesn’t seem aloof. Can there be any truth to this?

  5. I’m a breeder of both Black and Wheaten Scotties. I find no difference in the two .. they are 100% Scottish Terrier .. so they act like scotties. I was told that wheaten Scotties are rare- only 10-13% .

    1. Thanks for your reply. I haven’t noticed any difference myself, but I appreciate your confirmation of that fact.

      1. In light of my other comments re. our wheaten Ceilidh, I am amused to hear that wheatens are supposed to be “aloof”! 🙂 Our Black Teagan is aloof by comparison! I think people interpret things they see and impose /generalise.

        1. My initial name choice for my wheaten femail was Ceili (a bit shorter than the other way to spell this word), but we know a human named Caylee….also, when I got her home she just seemed like a Chloe. In the past I had a Callie and then Halley..those were other considerations. I’m enjoying her immensely.

  6. I have a wheaten scottish terrier and we got her about 3 years ago from the human society! She’s my best friend:)

  7. Hi my Clancy and Lala 2 black Scotts had 1 wheaton pup 4 months ago what are the chances of them having more wheatens in the next litter?

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