Dour Scotsman: ‘I’m in control here’

Yes, it’s me the Dour Scotsman and, at your hostess’ request, I have temporarily taken over this website while she recovers from her “episode.”

I am exercising my creative freedom to bring you Farting Scottie Friday in which an innocent  wheaten Scottish Terrier puppy is terrorized by the Big Ripper aka the world’s largest whoopie cushion. Sit back and enjoy it with some popcorn and Chivas.

20 thoughts on “Dour Scotsman: ‘I’m in control here’

  1. Thanks for stepping in to keep this wonderful website and blog spot going. This is so appreciated by other “dour Scots.”

  2. Thanks for giving Anne a hand, I’d miss this site something fierce…but Chivas??? Blended whisky? I take it as God and Scotland meant the creature to be drank, as a single malt. Talisker by preference.

    1. Chivas and popcorn?

      I agree with Rick. A wee dram should consist, preferably, of 2 ounces of Talisker, neat, in a tall glass whilst looking out over the moor. Blended whiskey is for tourists and the swag man.

      Popcorn? Tall glass of very cold Pepsi.

      As for the puppy scared of the fart pillow – hey, they learn young. You should see my five Scotties flee the bed when one of them breaks wind at 3 in the morning.

  3. Dour Scotsman – Thank you!!! What a great video and thanks for giving Anne a much needed sabbatical (and us the laughs)! Happy Friday!!!!

  4. Dour Scotsman – Thank you!!! What a great video and thanks for giving Ann a much needed sabbatical (and us the laughs)! Happy Friday!!!!

  5. This has certainly brightened my day. The Wheaton Terrier is adorable. Scottys have a large bark and a big attitude,only to be frightened by the simplest of things. My scotty is who is 6 years old is still afraid of ballons.

  6. Thanks, D.S.! …you can tell a man has taken over, the 1st post is fart-related!! ;0) I wondered if we could somehow make the blog a group-contribution kind of thing (but don’t even know how to describe what I’m trying to say…)

    I’m sure the pup will soon get braver and the “Big Ripper” will not be long for this world…!

    1. Oh, I get it. The little puppy is being maltreated? I missed that part. I’ll replay the video until I see the mistreatment. Hold on, it won’t take me more than a moment. Nope – don’t see the mistreatment.

      So, let’s not expose our Scotties to the world around them. That way they will have no sense of spatial awareness which will not allow them to sense danger when present or forthcoming.

      I guess my Duncan (a brindle Scottie) when he sneaks up behind Sean (a wheaten Scottie) and nips Sean in the butt to get some play going; then Duncan, one Scottie, is abusing and deliberately frightening another Scottie?

      Get a life.

  7. Haha, a great laugh! My scottie, Fergus, is afraid of his OWN farts! You’ll be sitting on the lounge, with him at your feet and you’ll hear a little “pfffft” and then he’ll spring into the air like someone has bit him on the bum!! Then he’ll sniff around looking for the culprit!

    1. There is a law of physics and Scotties.

      1. When in the presence of humans and a fart hits the air, it is ALWAYS the dog who is blamed.

      2. When a Scottie is in the presence of other Scotties, it is always the other Scottie who farted.

      3. When a Scottie is alone – the fart is a miracle.

  8. Mahatma Ghandi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

  9. In charge one day and already middle school level “humor” is the topic of the day ? Unfortunate. Ann’s site deserves better.

  10. The pup was scared, but being a true Scottie, he still bravely came forward to say “WOOF!” at that nasty device. 🙂 The puppy is adorable, and I’m glad to see someone, even a dour Scotsman, helping out during a time of need. 🙂

  11. You all have discovered my secret. Although I am a Scotsman, I prefer a pint of beer or a bit of gin. Please keep this quiet.

  12. I believe we are all animal lovers here… If they were deliberately being cruel to scare the puppy I don’t think we’d find it funny. But puppies are scared of unreasonable things sometimes and you don’t necessarily shield them from everything potentially scary to them…how would they learn? And sometimes actually it is amusing. This kind of reaction to things happens on other blogs too. And I’m sure someone else could volunteer to take over if they don’t like Dour Scotsman’s offerings so far…? Would you rather that’s the end of this blog? Personally I’d like to see what else he will come up with and sounds as if most others agree so far.

  13. First I want to start by saying how thrilled I was that the blogs would continue and someone was able to step in and help keep this up and running. Second I want to say how this little video just made my day. Third I want to say that I could not see any abuse going on. I am a devoted Scottie owner for over 30 years. I love their little antics. You never know what they will react to and what might scare them or get them to barking. I would consider it perhaps abusive if the scottie were prevented from escaping or backing up(like restraining, tying up, etc.) . As a puppy, they need to be exposed to many noisy things (like shaking out a new garbage bag, which startles my little wheaten lassie). This puppy was able to back up, come back for a closer look, and bark his concerns. His humans were supportive and encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed this video and did not find it harmful to the scottie. I accept that someone else has a differing opinion, but it seems as if a majority shared in the cuteness of the encounter.

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