Good news: Scottie News editor is returning!

Between dealing with the new blog home and its migration team in India and assembling the Ikea accessories required for her own new home, is it any wonder our fearless leader cracked?

You can help by recording in the comments how long it takes the Scottie News to load on your computer. I’ll use that information for kicking ass and taking names.

Expect Ann to return next week.

16 thoughts on “Good news: Scottie News editor is returning!

  1. Aside from the odd lag from my ISP, I’ve never really noticed any problems loading the site. But maybe I’m just lucky that way.

  2. I have had various response times each time I have returned. Today it took around 30 seconds to load. Yesterday I waited for 2 minutes, then decided that I would just return later instead of waiting for the page to finish loading. The longest wait for me tends to be getting to the initial page. Then, once I am in, it becomes slightly faster to change between pages. To give you an idea of my situation, I am using Google chrome and a wireless internet which tends to be pretty fast.

  3. I have never ever had a problem loading your website!! My Dell is 3+ years old; we have roadrunner ISP thru Timewarner.

  4. Hm, now that you’ve asked it seems to be speeding up! I agree with what KR said but it’s never taken anything like 2 minutes for me! Takes at least 5 seconds still, has taken over 10. Also using IE, roadrunner ISP thru Timewarner. It’s noticeably slower than the old site but as I say has now mysteriously loaded faster.

  5. I, too, have not ever had a problem loading your website. I’ve got a 2-year Apple and go thru Firefox. My Scottie is Dolcee Bella, a 1-year old sweetie! And I read your news just about every day too.

  6. Love Ann B, love the Dour Scotsman with his extremely dour humor, love Scotties.

    Only time I have difficulty loading the site is from work and that’s not often – usually it shows right up.

  7. Hurrah, problems are solved. Sounds like a Scot & West mystery by Tim Raglin (Google him, seriously) he’s great! Yes, the website was awfully slow, reminded me of the days of dial-up. Good job of hanging in there!


  8. I’m in Ponca City, OK and I haven’t had a problem with the site loading it may take 30 – 60 seconda but I thought that was good.

  9. I’m on dial-up, therefore I’m not really a very good “yardstick” …
    Anyway …
    The one problem I’ve noticed is that I can’t always “see” the video clips
    (often, nothing shows up that I can click on …)
    Haven’t figured out the pattern yet.
    As for loading time … it’s only about a minute or so, which on dial-up is actually quite good (considering the boat anchor of a computer I’m using at home …)
    Hope everybody’s enjoying the holidays!

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