Helping Westies and Scotties survive allergy season

This is the absolute worst time of year for many allergy sufferers be they human or canine so the the Scottish Terrier and Dog News is happy to offer up a new tip from Sue, whose previous advice on itchy skin allergies was extremely helpful. She writes:

A friend suggested that I try Gold Bond powder. She read about it on the Internet. It seemed like a low risk approach given that it was endorsed on numerous websites. Guess what? It worked immediately and lasted for several hours. On the down side, it’s a bit messy. I still bathe her frequently but now I alternate between the allergy pills (Benadryl, 25 mg. generic brand) and the powder.

Finally, another distraction I use is to fill her Kong with peanut butter. It’s good for half an hour.

Hope this helps. Thanks again for a great site.

Thanks for the great contributions. It’s awful to see a dog in discomfort due to itchiness.

4 thoughts on “Helping Westies and Scotties survive allergy season

  1. For our Scotties, we find that giving them one baby Benadryl when it gets bad works They are only 12.5 mg, and that way your are not filling them with too much medication. Though, our Scotties have issues with nose allergies, not with skin allergies as many people on here have issues with. It is hard to see your dog sneezing, but shoving their nose into the dirt with every sneeze making it even worse.

    1. Hi Kimberly, My 11 yr old scottie has sinis problems too. I clean her nose with a warm cloth and squirt saline solution in her nostrils. She seems so uncomfortable and has a hard time breathing. The Vet gave me some nose drops, but they didn’t really help. I am hoping that once the weather gets cooler the nose situation will subside. Let me know if you are doing anything that you are having success with.

  2. For skin allergy stuff, we’ve found that switching to a food with fish in it and/or using salmon oil has been very helpful. Grain-free foods in general helped alleviate our allergy issues. They rarely itch or sneeze now. Our Scotties like Taste of the Wild and Natural Balance Limited Ingredient.

    Benadryl works, too, and is quite safe. We try to only use it if they’re really having problems, which rarely happens anymore. Kimberly’s dose sounds about right; our vet said about 1mg of benadryl for every pound of dog. She also said that giving Porter (22lb adult scottie) a whole 25mg tablet is perfectly safe, but I’d talk to your vet about it if you plan on giving your dog benadryl on a regular basis.

  3. I tried the Gold Bond powder on my Gracie’s front leg. Then I covered her leg with a white cotton sock – infant size 0-3 months. It just fits her stubby little leg. Sometimes just as we are all settled in for the night, Gracie decides to start licking and biting at her leg. I am telling her “no” – which usually works, but if not, then on goes the sock. She doesn’t seem to mind wearing the sock at all.

    At first there were some tiny bumps on that leg – so I figured it was due to allergy. But after awhile I think the licking and nibbling at her leg just became a habit. The Gold Bond has relieved the itching, and the sock is an easy way to protect her leg – and let the hair grow back. She seldom needs the sock now.

    Thank you very much for the suggestion. I plan to ask my vet about the Benadryl too. Thanks !

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