I need to take this like a Scot

My migration of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News from Blogger to WordPress has been a disaster.

Things that used to take me five seconds now take five minutes if I can figure out them out at all, five hours if I can’t and five days when things get really bad. The site is slow as molasses and my readership has been dropping like a stone because, for whatever reason, Google no longer indexes some of the Scottie News‘ most popular posts.

Scottish Terrier and Dog News traffic plummets after August 21st migration to WordPress despite the fact it followed all the Google rules

This is particularly ironic given that I left Google-owned Blogger in the first place because its internal blog search — the one in the top left-hand corner — no longer worked and hadn’t for an entire year. This meant people would come to the Scottie News, plug something into the search box and be told it wasn’t there or didn’t exist even though it most emphatically did exist. This meant potential readers would  leave frustrated, instead of finding what they were looking for and staying on the site and making all of us happy.

Despite many complaints from users, Blogger didn’t take this issue seriously at all. In fact, the people assigned to the issue didn’t even realize the extent of the problem and kept proclaiming it solved. Months into the problem when it got worse than ever, they closed down threads and didn’t even bother to reply to polite user queries. Clearly they weren’t interested in fixing the Blogger search problem because the right people at Google could have solved the problem instantly if they had wanted to or even known about it.

The whole issue turned me from a Google booster into a Google hater. As one other blogger in the same position noted:

I think one of the things that Google are overlooking is the emotional impact this has upon their users and those that placed their trust in them.  If only they would communicate frequently we could be a bit more understanding.  But right now we cannot help but feel abandoned and treated with contempt.
Google need to understand the amount of work that some people have put into their blogs.  Some are a virtual labor of love.  I acknowledge that blogspot is a free service but we were encouraged to use it by Google and were reassured all will be well. To be treated like this by those we have put trust in as the custodians of these blogs is very disheartening.  It does not reflect well on Google and I am quite at a loss as to how they can be so indifferent to the situation.

Google’s customer service is appalling. And while I did pay a very small fee to the company for my domain names, the experience made me realize the problems that can crop up when you use a free product and get what you pay for. (Facebook people, are you listening?)

But enough about me and why I can’t post  all your wonderful dog photos waiting in my mailbox — namely because I can’t figure out how to edit photos in WordPress without taking a week off work — there is a little something all you people with websites could do for the Scottie News. Could you please post a link to our new address or update your old links. Every little bit helps.

Oh yes, and if you want a link on the Scottie News, just leave a comment or email me at scottishterriernews@gmail.com and I will post one. Many thanks.

In the mean time, I’ve asked myself what a real Scottish person, someone like the Dour Scotsman, would do in a case like this. And the answer is pour himself a stiff one. I’m acting on what I’m sure would be his wise advice and I’ve just emptied out the last of the Labour Day weekend Shiraz. Cheers, everyone

2 thoughts on “I need to take this like a Scot

  1. We have a new Scottie puppy after losing our 14 1/2 year old wheaten scottie to cancer in late May. We now have 5 month old black Scottie, Chauncy. He is a cutie, but we’re having a couple problems with his training. He is our 5th Scottie, so we are familiar with how difficult it can be to train a Scottie. We’ve had him since early June, and we are now in the 3rd week of September. He seems to have no difficulty going pee outside, but he is still pooping in the house. He also refuses to come. He is so timid about coming to us. We’ve tried all the suggestions of house training and have used treats to try to teach him to come. He just looks at us and wags his tail. Any suggestions?

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