Stop whining with the Scottish Terrier wine cooler

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Dour Scotsman reporting for duty. Today I will be addressing some of the “issues” that cropped up as a result of my inaugural post, which henceforth  shall be known as “Farting Scottie Friday.”

A reader going by the name of agraciesmama whined wrote in the comments, “I fail to see the humor in deliberately frightening an animal” with the Big Ripper whoopie cushion. She subsequently commented again, “Mahatma Ghandi said, ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.'”

Madam, I wish to assure you that the Wheaten Scottie featured in the video is treated royally. As a true Scotsman, I do not believe in playing the victim card either for myself or on behalf of other non-victims.

One of the joys of having a dog is laughing at the animal and its foolish antics such as how it gobbles up my sister’s pot roast; furthermore,  I am convinced that my bitch Sheba often has a giggle at my expense and I know for a fact she laughs uproariously when I perform my 5BX exercise routine every morning. It is the very nature of the human/canine relationship.

That is why I want to ask all you Scottish Terrier and Dog News readers — and that includes you, agraciesmama because I like a woman who speaks her mind — what does your dog do that makes you laugh and what do you do that makes your dog laugh?

P.S. For all you white wine drinkers out there (I never touch the stuff even though the ladies seem to love it), the Scottish Terrier Whine Cooler can be purchased at Amazon.

15 thoughts on “Stop whining with the Scottish Terrier wine cooler

  1. that lady must be completely lacking in a sense of humour!! my wheaten bitch Meg, when you say the word “kisses” lays on her back and shows her teeth- hilarious.

  2. “That lady” has a sense of humor, but not at the expense of others – be they two or four legged. When your pooch Meg lays on her back and shows her teeth (when you say “kisses”), that would would be both cute and humane, and would indeed be funny. She is not being deliberately frightened.

    1. agraciesmama, I can agree with you, but only slightly. I have seen some awful treatment of dogs by kids tying a dog to a tree and then shooting off fireworks where the dog can not run away. I have seen puppies held up close to the engine motor where a the poor thing was terrified but could not run away. In my mind,those are the ones who are mistreating their loves. Introducing a puppy to a new thing such as a fart is not, in my mind, inhumane.

      I’m not sure when the last time you had a pup of your own, but they are scared of everything. What are you to do, just put them in a bubble and never let them experience the world. No. Part of the joy of watching something grow is to see it react to the world, eventually adapt to the world, and then find a way to co-exist with the things that may seem scary at first, but really are not. My dog would never cross the threshold to get outside if we did not push our loved ones to not be scared of the things that are mundane. It is so wrong though to enjoy the moments that are just so cute and see them confront the things that are new. Have you never laughed at a puppy that ran away from a grasshopper the first time she saw it jump. Or have you never laughed at a baby that was scared the first time you put her on Santa’s lap at Christmas. To me, exposure of a puppy to something such as a woopie cushion fits in to that category. Eventually with enough exposure, hopefully the dog will find that it is no threat. Until then, can we not enjoy life watching such beautiful beings grow and adapt to its surroundings?

  3. Fergus rolls on his back when we say “show us your fluffies” and then puts his paws right up by his muzzle when we say “Stick em up!” He laughs at me when he hunts crickets in the garden and they make me jump as he herds the towards me.

    He really is the funniest dog in the world – he has serious eyebrows, a gumpy personality and I adore him!

  4. Gosh, I didn’t realise we had controversy already..!

    As for your question…where to start?! It’s funny when Teagan gets a “rushabout” on and tears back & forth …when Ceilidh is having a tug with you & growling at first & then you get in her face & it fades into a high-pitched/whiney “hurrrr”…Ceilidh does her ventrioloquist act barking with a ball in her mouth …Teagan barks/howls at animals on the tv… too many quirks to list. It makes Ceilidh laugh when we put on our socks, go figure. Very amusing. 🙂

  5. I agree with TCMum. . . where to start? My Fiona (yes, female; we don’t use the “B” word) has many attributes of hilarity. She loves to release the tug-of-war rope when my youngest son has it tight, causing it to snap in his face. She sits and stares at him as if to say, “What?” He is eighteen; it doesn’t hurt him. She sleeps in my bed, and when she gets there she sprawls across it to give me very little room and again has the look to say, “What?” She plays fetch with a little squeaker lamb, squeaking it all the way back and then refuses to give it to you. When asked, “Can I have it?” she shakes her head to say, “No.” Only when she is ready does she let you have it and if you don’t throw it quick enough, she’ll nip your leg or foot to signal that you need to hurry. When she acts scared of something silly, such as the first time she saw a “rock with eyes” (a turtle), we all had a good laugh. She, however, did not find it funny. In retaliation she managed somehow over a period of a few days to embarass each of us (four) separately and we all realized we had been repaid for our laughs. Fiona looked quite pleased with herself. Yes, she has us trained well, and we would not trade her for anything. She is now the heartbeat of this house.

  6. well we only use the “b” word in our house as, when we picked Meg up from Wales, England the breeder stated “she was a lovely wheaten bitch” in a Welsh accent which, although probably childish humour made us giggle. possibly differing humours as us English folk love nothing better than a spot sarcasm and poking fun at others(only in jest and never to offend) We wonder if an English Scottie met with an American onewhether they too would have differing humours??

    1. Claire I think the answer to that is YES, because our Teagan is English & emigrated with us and then we bought a little Wheaten girl here. However we find Ceilidh so eccentric anyway that the differences are probably down to her … my husband who’s the Englishman notes that she is much louder! 🙂 Make of it what you will..! 😉 But she is very sweet.

  7. One should never be void of sophistication or a sense of humor. Who said you can’t have both? After all we’re Scottie lovers.

  8. Well, our little wheaten girl does this odd little “grunt” thing if my husband stares at her. She only does it to him and the sound she makes is so unusual it’s very hard to describe. It’s truly a grunt noise she makes – like a gorilla or something. Also, anytime you sneeze she jumps up on your lap and gives you kisses. She’ll come running from halfway across the house to kiss you if she hears you sneeze. It’s so funny!!!

    1. Our Ceilidh, also wheaten, does make funny noises like that too, and especially for my husband (Daddy’s girl!) Sometimes when she sees someone she likes (incl. us) she’ll make this deep, low growl too. Never really seen that before, and it’s definitely a “friendly growl”.

        1. yes Meg also does the grunt thing as well as snapping her teeth at you if her ball gets trapped behind the sofa. Seth, my boy performs the “arrr ar rooooo” to a tee and is well known with the neighbourhood children for it. whenever the kids see him they do an impression and he sings back to them. it’s a shame we dont have any children as he seems to love them. Meg however likes children only if they fit her criteria which is – generally above the age of 5 and dont run or have any toys such as scooters or anything with wheels. skateboarders beware. she is a tease fooling them with her good looks!! we have socialised her but she is adamant about it.

          1. Hum… it’s seeming like the grunt thing is a term (noise) of endearment from our females. Hum….
            Ours does the “snapping” too if we are playing ball and she’s waiting for me to throw it. It’s soooo amusing.
            Oh, I so love the ar aroo!!! Our Scout used to do it all the time and she now seems to have backed off. She’s only 3 though. In any case, I just LOVE it when they do that. You’re so lucky to have a great roo-er!

        2. 🙂 Our funny blonde girls! Neither of us had had a wheaten before so we’re not sure if some things are “wheaten things” or just her. She snaps lie a crocodile when you’re about to throw the ball too. Our Teagan on the other hand who’s black does more of the “Arroo-ing” and talking in that way. Ceilidh does some very noisy yawns when she wants to for effect (so it seems). She has quite a vocal range! The sneezing thing she doesn’t do but that is hilarious. Both of them love children even tho we don’t have any (…yet).

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