Taking a break — maybe forever

The migration of my site has destroyed my blog. Traffic falls off more every day. The pages don’t load properly. Everything I’ve worked to build here  has collapsed around me.

I work full time. I look after a daughter. I can’t come home and spend hours futilely trying to figure out how to fix things.

That’s it for me and the Scottie News.

Maybe we’ll be back and maybe we won’t.

38 thoughts on “Taking a break — maybe forever

  1. I know your post was made in utmost frustration… boy, can I empathize with it. Your blog was good stuff, well executed, and it will be greatly missed if indeed it were to end.

    I would help somehow, if I could. My blogs are on Blogger –one of them’s not working right now, ironically enough–so I totally understand the desire to move to WordPress, always touted as the best destination for serious and worthwhile blogs. Which this one is.

    I could also blather on with all manner of speculation about SEO and Google and metatags and such… though that would not explain the slowness… but it would be speculation and thus useless. And I’ve seen from prior posts that you know what needs to be done in those areas.

    I admire your work on this blog and hope you can find some way out of this horrid WordPress thicket. If not? Well. Seems you deserve some peace for a bit. Cuddle your daughter, hug your dear pup, have some chocolate. And be proud of what you’ve accomplished on your own. Oh, and to hell with anyone who tells you what’s best for you. =) Cheers, and all the best.

  2. Sad if you do decide to stop this blog – it has been a wealth of info, interest and amusement to me and my Scottie boy. Strange that the UK has so little interest in Scotties so your blog has been an oasis in the desert to me.

    It can really be a slog sometimes and when raising a family and working it is just one more thing to deal with. When my blog got to me I took a hiatus of 2 months just to see if I missed it. I did and slowly went back to blogging here and there as opposed to daily. Now I feel I control it and not vice versa.

    I respect and understand your feelings but do hope you have a change of heart.


    Peri and Fergus

  3. Oh God, I know how frustrating this can be. It’s 2:22 in the damn morning and I finally got a post up that I’ve been messing with forever. And… and… and… And I totally concur with PJ… But, omigosh.. so many of us read you and love what you do! I would understand if it’s not worth it, but I would also be oh so sad…. As I write this, Tre’ asleep a few feet away is having a violent dream – I’m hoping you’ll find a way to make it work… and this will just be a bad bump in the road. You do wonderful stuff, Ann… Maybe there’s a technical whizzo around that can set it straight?
    Gosh, I do hope so.
    Thank you for the work you’ve done already. And Godspeed you to your next project…


  4. I’ve enjoyed the RSS feeds from your blog over the past year and half–basically ever since I became a Scottie owner! Thanks for all of the info, laughs, and smiles. You will be missed!

  5. Ann,
    Sad to see you might be hanging it up. Thanks for all the great posts – I’ve really loved reading them and your blog was/is a great resource for Scottie information and plain-old fun. Best of luck in whatever you do! I’ll miss seeing updates!

  6. Your posts have always been a great source of amusement for me and my family…a bright spot as we have been missing our Scottie around here for quite awhile, but aren’t quite ready to welcome a puppy yet. Thank you for what undoubtedly is a time consuming labor of love. We hope you come back, but completely understand if the frustrations and just life-in-general get in the way. I’m sure you started this for fun, and if it isn’t, don’t do it! Best wishes to you!

  7. Sorry to hear about your Web problems. I hope you do not go away. A visit to your site was always a source of a little happiness in reading about our favorite doggies at a time when happiness is a scarce resource. If I was not in the position to pet my Scottish terrier friend, I visited your site. I hope you can turn things around.
    David Isby

  8. Please don’t go.
    Could you go back to the prior system? It was less than perfect but not so frustrating. Can an IT scottie owners ride to the rescue?
    I’ve read this site everyday since you started. My day won’t be the same without it.

  9. Ann,
    I have certainly appreciated your work, especially since we lost our Raven this past summer. It’s been hard to not have a Scottie running things around the house, but I have been able to get my ‘fix’ from your website. I hope you are able to get things worked out but if you don’t I understand. I don’t know enough about computers and blogs to give you any advice but I do have a daughter and those are important too. Thank you for all you have done already.


  10. oh no! ann, i am soooooooooooo sad to hear this! my husband and i, as well as many friends, just love to visit! we get great joy from your posts. i hope that after your break you will reconsider. maybe just posting a few times a week would take the pressure off? i do that when i get really busy with life.

    know that we all love you and your sweet, sweet blog!


  11. Ann, I will sorely miss this site as it has been a wealth of amusement and information. This site told me that its ok if I have a mixed scottie/westie (hair is so soft!), that scotties tend to have skin itches/allergies, and that they swim like a brick in water (although some heroic survivor stories do exist!). I hope you will find some respite during this time, since I’m sure it must be very hard work digging up the scottie paraphenalia that you do so diligently. Don’t forget to rub your scottie for good luck (I know I do)! Obviously it would be great to see this site keep on ticking like a scottie, but u gotta do what u gotta do. Woof

  12. Very sad to see you go. I understand this must be extremely frustrating for you. This is/was the only Scotty Website/blog I use. I am very sad to see it go. Very imformative and Scotty Friendly!!!

  13. What can we readers do to help ? Is it in any way a matter of finances ? Do we need to pass the hat – a tam of course… and then perhaps you could hire someone to help unravel the mess ? Please let us know.

  14. Ann, you simply can’t leave us! What ever would I do every morning first thing if I can’t check in on the Scottish Terrier and Dog News??? I understand your frustration – kudos to you for all you’ve done and are doing. I know I could never have!! Please know that if you decide to hang it up you and the site will be very very missed but…. we’ll understand… : (

  15. Ann! My husband actually got me into your blog even before we had actually had a Scottie in our home and just looking. We now are the proud owners of 2 Scotties, and we probably would not have made it so easy if it weren’t for your site. Even now with a baby on the way, I am plagued with people around me who have never owned a Scottish Terrier telling me that I need to get rid of my loves before I even have the baby. It was your website that gave me the courage to tell people that it is possible for children and Scotties to live peacefully together in many situations. Needless to say, you and your blog have made a difference in my life and I would hate to see that go. I completely understand if things do not work out. Blogging should not be a full time job, but more of an escape to put your info out in the world and let others appreciate it. To see such a good thing go however would be a heartbreaker. So please know that if you do go, there are more than enough people who’s lives you have touched.

    Hope things do work out!

  16. I completely understand your frustration and need to take a break. I just would like to say that I have absolutely loved your blog. Before we decided on our little ‘William Wallace’, I found your blog and it has been a source of laughter, inspiration and reassurance of life with our scottie. I miss him terribly while I’m at work and your site always makes me smile.

    I really hope you come back to this, but if not, enjoy your family time and your scottie as always. <3

  17. I thoroughly enjoy the site. My niece, a groomer, gave me a beautiful Scottie namde Fiona and I started searching for Scotty sites. Yours is the best. Take some time off and please come back. I share this site with family and friends. I absolutely love Fiona, and I have learned so much from others here. If you decide, though, not to come back, I understand. But believe me, you will be sorely missed.

  18. Very sorry to hear you’ve come to this point. This blog has certainly brought people around the world joy & it feels selfish to say no, don’t quit, but a little light will go out of the Internet! But then if you can’t enjoy it anymore..? I am completely non-tech savvy so don’t know what to suggest, besides as others said I thought the old way was fine, imho. Maybe a facebook group would be easier??! I will just miss my daily-ish Scottie news fix. Maybe a break will …Help? Teagan & Ceilidh send their aroos of thanks & encouragement! We love to watch the videos you find! ^..^ ^..^
    Thank you Ann!

    1. Ann….have been following your site since June….a real Godsend after losing one of our girls, Minnie Moonbeam at the age of five. Scotties are the Best! Would really miss your Scottie News and agree with the suggestion of Facebook…it might work better for you or pehaps even weekly instead of daily would lighten the load. Give it some thought.
      Thanks….your work is appreciated.

      1. Anonymous September 9, 2010 at 10:35 pm Ann….have been following your site since June….a real Godsend after losing one of our girls, Minnie Moonbeam at the age of five. Scotties are the Best! Would really miss your Scottie News and agree with the suggestion of Facebook…it might work better for you or pehaps even weekly instead of daily would lighten the load. Give it some thought.
        Thanks….your work is appreciated.

  19. Oh good lord, two days ago you were going to take this like a Scotsman and now you’re having an attack of the vapours. Please go take the waters and get well enough to pull up your socks.

    I will take over this website with a little assistance from all the others who are not willing to put up with this farewell tour nonsense. I’m sure that grammar dominatrix I fancied a while back will help out too.

  20. Ohhhh noooo, I hope you solve your problems! My wife and I sooo enjoy your website, but know nothing about blogs. Your Blog has brought many a smile to our faces. The world will be a sadder place without your blog. Scooter will not see the great videos that you’ve found. This is not written to make you feel guilty. I can feel your frustration. Keep your chin up. You have done a wonderful job! Good Luck, David Caudle

  21. Oh, so sad to hear that this is so frustrating for you! i completely understand that it is probably a lot to handle. I have enjoyed your blog so much and will be very sad if you do decide to stop. I hope you are able to figure things out. Thanks so much for all your Scottie news!

    Christina, Pippen and Jacque

  22. Hello. I began following this blog a few months ago and have absolutely adored it. I’m hoping to become a bona fide Scottie owner in the very near future. For now, I’m a simple aficionado. Just wanted to throw in my two cents and say I’d hate to see you go! And for what it’s worth, I am a multimedia journalism student who has dabbled in web content management for several organizations on my college campus, in addition to a stint managing content for National Geographic Traveler magazine’s web site this past summer. If you need any help with anything, I’d be more than happy to volunteer advice or assistance. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d gladly share what little knowledge I have to repay you for the knowledge of this most beautiful breed that you have shared with me. Best wishes to you.

  23. I hope you will reconsider or someone with technical skills can step in to help. I will sorely miss this publication. While I am a new subscriber, I have always checked this site first for good Scottie information. You provide a wealth of valuable facts, fun, and the opportunity to share with other Scottie owners. i hope your website will continue to appear.

  24. Ann, I will greatly miss this blog if you decide to take a permanent break. It has been a great resource and an uplifter.
    Sometimes it is good for all of us to take a break sometimes, and recharge the batteries.

    I’m keeping this blog in my reader and will keep my fingers crossed to see more posts from you pop up.

  25. I love Scotty News and I don’t even own a Scotty. I have 2 Westies. Westie Wednesday is the highlight of my life! Well, maybe not quite, but almost.

  26. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I’ll answer in more detail in a few days.

    Really, you all cheered me up and the reder stats are looking much better. As the Dour Scotsman said, we just have to fix the load times.

  27. Ann,
    Take what time that you need. Your site is wonderful. Take as many deep breaths as you need.
    We’re all sending you positive thoughts and lots of appreciation.
    Take care of yourself and your Scottie!
    Hugs from Virginia!
    Bobby O.

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