Tributes: Hattie the rescue Scottish Terrier

It has been almost six months but we still grieve for Hattie Marie, our Scottish Terrier, age 11 years. She had lung cancer and was euthanized April 9.

We were unaware of the cancer ravaging her. We thought she was just slowing down. One day she became very ill. Our vet told us the dread diagnosis…

Hattie was not an easy pet to own. We rescued her from a family who could not keep her.

She was afraid of everything, and especially male people.

We tried her out for a weekend and she bonded with me. She was afraid of my husband, a kind person who did nothing to deserve her reaction. I suggested that we should find her another home. He said she should stay. For the entire 11 years we had her, she always barked at him.

He loved her deeply anyway.

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