Answers to questions about the deer-hunting Scottie

Many readers had questions about the Bambi-tracking Scottish Terrier featured in a video last Friday. Her owner Kenneth was kind enough to stop by and leave a comment:

Greetings Folks….sorry about the sound quality and shaking. My scotty “Maggie” goes everywhere with me and she especially loves the wonders of the woods. This particular day I was just going to stop and let her take a restroom break and as I let her out of the truck she went into full alert. I knew something had caught her attention and I grabbed the video camera not sure what she scented. I really was not surprised that she alerted on the deer because she goes bow hunting with me daily. Normally, I would not want her to chase a beautiful whitetail deer but decided to see how far she would take it. Anyway, when I lost the deer with camera in woods, Maggie returned wagging her tail as though she just protected me from the most fierce animal on the planet. I now wish that I had polished up the film with some other background noise such as music and cut out some of the footage to make a more appealing. Anyway, there will be more footage to come as Maggie and camera are always together.