Best of this week’s Scottie News

Just in case you missed them, here are a few interesting things that came to light on the Scottish Terrier and Dog News this week;

1) Try Gold Bond Powder for itchy, allergy-prone Scotties. agraciesmama did, and so far, so good.

2) And here’s the comment of the week on a post about swimming (or non-swimming) Scotties:

My previous Scottie “Clyde” wasn’t the best swimmer, but at least he’d try – one time he swam to the dock but then simply stopped paddling … it was like watching the Titanic go down (I know I shouldn’t laugh, but …) Anyway … nothing a lifejacket wouldn’t solve. Clyde’s buddy “Bonnie” (a Westie) would swim out after the ducks or loons, and as others have noted it was only prudent for her to wear a lifejacket for when she inevitably realized she was overtired and would then turn towards shore. Both Clyde and Bonnie would bravely jump in and try to rescue me if I splashed about as if I were in trouble … brave wee pups!!! Haven’t figured out if the two new Terrier-ists are swimmers yet (but I’m guessing Watson will give it a try … and Sherlock, well … he’s a “stocky” boy … chuckle!) – both will wear lifejackets, however … especially after I learned the painful way that swimming out to rescue your dog means you’ll be covered in claw marks unless you’re wearing a wet suit … ha! Now … have to find that photo of them on my back, on the sailboard …

One thought on “Best of this week’s Scottie News

  1. I love reading all the stories about everyone’s Scotties. I am glad this beautiful breed is getting the attention they deserve. My Scottie is Mackie. He is 2 years old and is a Registered Therapy Dog. He loves everybody and everything(all other animals). He is the third Scottie I have raised. I would like suggestions to treat a problem Mackie has. Whenever he rides in the car, he will start barking his head off very loudly. Especially if he sees people or dogs. I’ve tried calming pills, petting him, Thunder Shirts, you name it. Nothing helps. Any ideas? Thanks! Sheila

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