Eisenhower’s Scottish Terrier Skunkie: Did he live at the White House?

Today we delve into the archives of Scottish Terrier history and head back to 1952 when the Register Guard of Eugene, Oregon  reported that President-Elect Eisenhower would be bringing a Scottie named Skunk to live in the White House with him.

We’re not sure if Ike changed his mind or if the reporter got the story wrong, but, according to the official Eisenhower archives, the only pets he and Mamie had at the White House were a parakeet and a Weimeraner named Heidi.

“The First Lady’s grandchildren do have a little Scottie named ‘Skunky,’ who always accompanies them when they visit the White House,” wroteMary Jane McCaffree, Secretary to Mrs. Eisenhower, in a letter to Bessie Bortner dated October 22, 1954.

Skunkie the Scottish Terrier with presidential grandchild, David Eisenhower

The archives also have a picture of Ike’s two Scottish Terriers, Telek and Caacie, on whom the Scottie News has previously reported.

Eisenhower with his Scottish Terriers in Algeria in 1943

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  1. I read once where the scottie had an accident on one of the rugs in the White House and Mamie banished the scottie as a result. Not sure if this is true or not, but sounds possible.

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