Name this band

Scottish Terrier Dr. Watson sings along with his Irish Wolfhound friends Angus and Fergus.

5 thoughts on “Name this band

    1. I love this trio! I also have a Scottie named Dr. Watson.
      This is the first time we’ve heard of another.
      If they need a back up, my Dr. Watson would love an audition…he is also quite the crooner.

  1. Hey, that’s my Scottish Terrier, Dr. Watson! I am proud to have him featured here! His backup singers are Angus and Fergus, my employer’s Irish Wolfhounds, but I like to think of the group collectively as “Brains and Brawn.” I am sure you can guess who is who! Watson comes to work with me and hangs out with those Irish lads; they all love to howl along whenever Warren Zevon’s classic comes on . . . “Saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s, and his hair was perfect!”

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