RIP Big Tommy the Scottish Terrier muse

Got Peeps?

Big Tommy is the late and much loved big Scottie of the very talented Rebecca Collins of Artpaw, whose work has been featured here at the Scottie News on many wonderful occasions.

I learned of Big Tommy’s death via Moira who has a lovely tribute at Dog Art Today.

My deepest sympathies to Rebecca and her family.

As sad as this news is, I still smile at the sight of Big Tommy in his flower petals. It takes a real tough terrier to pull that off.

RIP Big Tommy.

One thought on “RIP Big Tommy the Scottish Terrier muse

  1. Thank you Ann for this lovely tribute for our sweet big headed boy. He was the best model I ever had, all I had to do was hold his ball close to the camera and it was like magic. Now in the process of finding and backing up all those priceless digital images. Something I highly recommend everyone do before they need to. I am really touched by the kind words and support from my cyber doggy pals and artist friends. It means a lot at a tough time.

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