Sad West Highland Terrier Wednesday

Today, the Scottie News reports on two Westies named Jack, who were attacked and one who did not survive.

In South Shields, England, a family pet was mauled to death in its own yard by two pit-bull-type dogs:

The white West Highland terrier, called Jack, was dragged through a fence and savaged by the animals – who are thought to have been with their owner at the time of the attack.

Ten-year-old Jack’s heartbroken owner, Carol Coyle, said she was devastated at the loss of her companion, and haunted by thoughts of what could have happened if it had been a child standing near the fence instead.

Mrs Coyle believes one of the animals was taken away by the man it was with, but the other was left at the scene, and ran off.

Mrs Coyle, 54, said: “These dogs are still out there, and they now have the taste of blood.

“I saw what they did to my Jack – it’s an image that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I can’t stand the thought that a child could be next. These dogs need taking off the streets.”

Truer words were never spoken as this second horrible attack in Portishead demonstrates:

Pauline and John Smith are urging dog walkers to be on their guard after their 10-year-old Westie, Jack, was attacked in Avon Way, near to their home. Their warning comes at a time when police say there has been a rise in reports of dogs attacking other dogs in the town.

Jack was being walked on a lead by Mr Smith when a British bull terrier, not on a lead, lunged at him. A blood vessel behind the Westie’s ear was punctured in the attack which resulted in treatment and an overnight stay at the vets, landing the couple with a £300 bill. Jack has been left with a nasty scar around his ear.

Mr Smith was also injured in the attack. He was bitten on the wrist as he tried to help the family pet and collapsed during the incident. An ambulance was called and he later received stitches to his wound.

RIP Jack from South Shields.

Here’s a relevant post on Pit Bulls from the Terrierman.

4 thoughts on “Sad West Highland Terrier Wednesday

  1. My heart is broken for these Westie owners, and any dog owner who has had this type of tragedy. I had an “encounter” with a Rottweiler a couple of weeks ago. I was walking Ozzie and Angus, like I do every night, when I spotted a Rottie, unleashed, coming towards us. Angus, who loves every dog he sees, started squeaking which always puts Ozzie on alert who, of course, must bark. I was in a panic but tried to stay calm. The Rottie kept circling us and at one point started nuzzling Angus. All I kept thinking was what am I going to do if he attacks! Thank goodness one of the neighbors saw this and ushered us into her fenced yard. We had to call the police because after waiting 20 minutes for the Rottie to leave, I wanted to go home. As soon as the police came, this young woman came frantically looking for her dog. Of course, she said “my dog never leaves the yard.” How many times have I heard that?! Anyway, I would have died, literally, trying to fight off this huge dog if he would have attempted to attack my boys.

  2. Very sad – condolences to the owner 🙁 Pit bulls and mixes are not even legal to breed or sell in the UK and it doesn’t stop dog attacks! I don’t know if dog attacks are more frequent in the UK or they are just not reported as much in the US (unless there is a human fatality involved). As usual it is the responsible, law-abiding person who has a list of rules to abide by, others make a joke of it & the public and their animals are no safer.

  3. So SAD fvor both cases and espoecially for Jack.

    However having done a LOT of dog training and also years ago owned both Doberman’s and Rottweilers…to just outright blame all dogs in the breed is not fair to the dogs. It is the people of who participate in BAD BREEDING and also the OWNERS of these dogs to be responsible and understand what type of dog they have and that training is imperative. They are big strong dogs and you have to be able to be the MASTER and also control them if necessary.
    All dogs can be vicious if not bred , raised and treated properly.
    I am not making excuses I have a westie and a scottie and yes would give my life to save theirs but it’s not always the dogs fault…..we have heard numerous even horrendous abuse stories of things and treatment that has happened to dogs and just recently posted here….so while I am so saddened by the above stores and in particular the death of Jack we need more control over the rogue breeders and owners who do not take responsibility for having a dog.
    I hope this does not offend anyone butt all dogs deserve a decent life and decent owners and if there is any question of their soundness they should not be sold to people who may not even know what they are getting……………………

    1. Well put Sheena. I absolutely agree with you. It is not the dog it is the owner who is at fault. Before I had my two little ones, I had a collie-shepard-huskie mix we called Bear. He was quite a handful and was not fond of people. I found a wonderful trainer who taught me how to handle him. I had Bear for 13 years.

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