Scottie News Book Club – Urban Dog: The Adventures of Parker

Urban Dog by Will Cohu

I haven’t read Urban Dog, but whenever I used to run into the owner of two Cairns in my old neighbourhood, he’d always recommend it. What’s more, a reader recently sent in a photo of his rescue dog Maggie and wrote, “Unlike Will Cohu’s Parker, she is a country girl preferring farm yard smells, walks along country lanes and visits to our two local market towns of Clitheroe and Skipton.”

Somehow I’ve never associated country girls with black leather loungers, but I guess they’re good camouflage if a country hunter invades your living room.

Maggie the country girl also appreciates leather loungers

Here’s a sample Will Cohu column about Parker going missing from London’s Daily Telegraph. You can also look inside Urban Dog at Amazon.

This is week two of the Scottie News Book Club.

2 thoughts on “Scottie News Book Club – Urban Dog: The Adventures of Parker

  1. “Urban Dog” is based on Cohu’s column by the same name that used to appear in the Daily Telegraph, I think on a Saturday. We loved the column – I’ll have to re-read the book now. I wondered if there was ever a sequel – it started out an urban bachelor & his dog, then evenutally he acquired a partner & family, then they all moved up to rural Lincolnshire (I think) so “Urban Dog” became “Country Dog” (altho maybe not in name). It seemed to peter out eventually – sad! Anyone else in the UK remember the column?

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