8 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier meets Bambi

  1. … the audio of this actually made me SO want to visit the ladies room!?!
    We had almost the same experience as this in Lochranza, Isle of Arran, Scotland. However it was ‘Bambi’ who, after the frist stand-off, chased and poor Kirk.
    Kirk ended up heading for the cottage we rented at full speed … bless her 🙂

    1. Greetings Folks….sorry about the sound quality and shaking. My scotty “Maggie” goes everywhere with me and she especially loves the wonders of the woods. This particular day I was just going to stop and let her take a restroom break and as I let her out of the truck she went into full alert. I knew something had caught her attention and I grabbed the video camera not sure what she scented. I really was not surprised that she alerted on the deer because she goes bow hunting with me daily. Normally, I would not want her to chase a beautiful whitetail deer but decided to see how far she would take it. Anyway, when I lost the deer with camera in woods, Maggie returned wagging her tail as though she just protected me from the most fierce animal on the planet. I now wish that I had polished up the film with some other background noise such as music and cut out some of the footage to make a more appealing. Anyway,
      there will be more footage to come as Maggie and camera are always together.

  2. Hmmm. What’s the story here? How did the human who filmed this know they would ever be able to find their Scottie again once it gave chase? – Angus

  3. I’m with Angus – I’d be afraid my dear Scotties would still be after the deer somewhere. So, did the Scottie in the film come back?

  4. I can hear Maggie thinking: That sure is a big rat! And what’s those funny things on its head? And the deer is looking at her like it’s thinking: Is this little dog kidding?

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