Weekend Scottish Terrier Photo Op: Concentrate

Scottie Focus
Scottie Focus by Scots4, on Flickr

5 thoughts on “Weekend Scottish Terrier Photo Op: Concentrate

  1. Grey poupon? Means nothing to me other than something to put on a sandwich, but then I’m a city slicker. Please fill us in on its meaning for badgers.

    1. Well, I guess I am dating myself. In the 90’s there were a series of TV ads involving two pretentious rich men who would drive up next to each other in their Rolls Royce limos. One would lean out and ask the other “Do you have any Grey Poupon”. The joke of course was that the use of that brand dijon mustard noted you had some class and character. The ads were later parodied on Wayne’s World.

      Somehow it escaped me I would have to explain the punch line, but ,yes, the ‘Classy Scottie’ is asking for a rich persons topping for his soon to be gopher delight.

      Here is a new tag line for the serious Scottie:

      Hoot mon, did I really eat THAT last night?

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