Angus the Scottie accused of being fat

First, let me state that I’m against fat pets.

That being said, I think a lot of vets want dogs to be crazy thin.

And while Angus, the Scottish Terrier in this video, is not skinny, he’s hardly a poster boy for dog obesity.

What’s more, it needs to be said, that the pink-clad woman responsible for Angus’ public shaming is hardly wraith-like herself.

Did you catch that double chin and those forearms?

Normally, I would not comment on such things but if Angus can be humiliated on YouTube, well, the gloves come off.

Now, I’m off to watch House where they treat serious illness.

Here are some past posts on pudginess including  Scottish Terriers’ high obesity risk, the tale of a fattie Scottie and how much readers’ dogs weigh.

23 thoughts on “Angus the Scottie accused of being fat

  1. Well she is entitled to her opinion. She should have mentioned his lovely coat and good temper being hoisted around like that. I’ve yet to see Scottie that didn’t have that shaped bum.

  2. Our Piper gets this at times too. We just quote her vets comments on her build. “She is a Scottie, not a Greyhound”.

  3. Wow, when I first saw this I thought it was MY Angus. He looks exactly like this Angus. I guess that means MY Angus is fat even though he is built like a tank. He does have somewhat of a waistline (thanks to supplementing his food with lots of vegies) but he, like Rick T quoted, is definitely not a greyhound! However, he is very healthy and happy.

  4. We have two Scotties, one black one wheaten. The black was the runt and only survivor of the litter, but she does have the “ideal” body shape. The problem though, is that the wheaten we own, is more a typical Scottie. The only problem is that with her sitting right next to the other, people always say she is fat. As per our vet, we switched to a diet dog food, and would take her out running. She has more energy than the “fit” Scot, yet can not lose the weight. We got to the point that if we were to limit food any more it would be considered starving our dogs. At this point I think that we have decided that as long as she is eating a portioned amount, and getting enough exercise, there really is nothing you can do in a humane way to get the dog to the ideal weight. So for me, as long as the pup is healthy, there is not much else you can do. We are not trying to win any anorexia contests here.

  5. This is the first comment I have sent in – however this woman
    is not even a vet – she’s a dog groomer – All I can say is that I
    have owned two scotty dogs – one with a smaller frame and one
    very muscular – they were both very different – and both very
    beautiful – all I can say is that if you are not owned by a Scotty
    most just don’t get it – I am not for obese pets but I think this
    groomer is maybe being a bit too hard on poor Angus – thank
    goodness he at least looks like he got a good haircut from her
    that could also have been a disaster – if this was a groomer making comments about my dog on U Tube I wouldn’t be going
    back to her – another reason why I learn’t how to groom my
    two boys myself – keep your chin up Angus – we all love you!

  6. I agree with you all – Angus, to me anyway (and I don’t profess to be an expert), looks normal and healthy compared to most Scotties I’ve known. My little girl wheaten is about the same size and I never considered her fat. She’s not skinny I know – she’s a little tank – solid as a brick house. Isn’t that what these dogs were bred to be like? Little die hards? They are not little foo foo lap dogs. I would like to critique that groomer’s body! I think this Angus is GORGEOUS! She needs to stick to her own profession and be quiet about stuff she doesn’t know much about.

  7. Oh-no, Kirk is like the spit of Angus, (mind you… Kirk’s arse is somewhat bigger.) She gets walked daily, fed proper / only the best and with just dental chews or joint-care chews as treats. As for head/neck mass compared to body … well that’s just a Scottie thing isn’t it? Anyways, my vet weighed Kirk two weeks ago when she had her yearly booster and we was complimented.
    This vid is complete cods-wobble!

  8. Well, that makes me angry. What an absurd commentary. Anyone at all familiar with the standard knows that Scotties are supposed to have absurdly broad bodies and generous, square butts. And that they’re supposed to “waddle” a little in their Scottie trot. Seriously. And if that woman’s arse is only 20% larger than her head, I’ll eat my hat.

  9. Angus looks perfect to me.
    Wonder if the groomer examines her own body as critically, bet her belly would not be too trim?
    What a fat headed woman.

  10. To Kathy & All My Fellow Scottie Lovers:
    Poor Angus. Who cares what she states. If I go to a groomer that treats my Scottie like her, I leave and find a kinder groomer. When we love our Scotties as much as we do, who needs to hear that! I just lost my beloved Brandy who was 13 years old. Brandy and I were inseparable right up to the end. The good news is I am going to pickup my new Scottie Fiona on 12/28/10. Fiona will be 8 weeks old when I pick her up and cannot wait. I will send all of you pictures as soon as I figure out how to go about this

  11. Not once did the human mention anything about how to control a dog’s weight, the consequences of canine obesity, the breed standard, muscles or anything else of value to the viewer. Instead, she humiliated Angus. And he knew it. If the woman’s video was meant to instruct anyone, it sure missed the mark.

  12. I have a beautiful 12 year old girl Midge who is fighting kidney problems and the new diet has added over 5 lbs. on her. This woman didn’t mention this handsome boy’s age or history. Know the full story and the breed before you comprise your own ‘breed standard.’ We go to our groomer tomorrow and I’m going to double her already great tip!!!

  13. Calm down, ladies, calm down.

    While none of us want to be called fat on YouTube or WikiLeaks, Angus has not been “humiliated.”

    He is Scottish and though this was not something he would have aspired too, I can assure you that he is taking it in his short little stride.

    Why I myself even carry a few extra pounds, which my Brazilian girlfriend is constantly complaining about.

    But that is her problem not mine so pass the shortbread.

  14. Kimberly,

    I do agree with you that some vets seem to advocate virtually starving pets. As Rick’s more understanding vet said, Scotties aren’t greyhounds.

    Dour Scotsman,

    Is your Brazilian girlfriend a supermodel too?

  15. Well, I think it’s fair to say the Angus is no waif, but then neither’s the heifer who’s grooming him..

  16. I wonder just where this “groomer” is located. I would love to pay her a visit and explain there is a breed standard. She would do herself and her clients a HUGE favor by looking up what a healthy Scottie is supposed to look like. In my opinion as an owner and breeder Angus was NOT fat. He looked a bit large for the standard, but as his height and weight were difficult to determine with all that pushing and shoving around by the “groomer”, hard to really say. I do want to point out if she was finished grooming Angus, or had been his regular groomer; his cut was AWFUL! his “skirt” was way too high up on his back. It was hard to notice all the details with the spin she was putting that poor boy through, but my opinion of her “talent” is pretty low! Seriously look at what a proper Scottie coat looks like (use Sadie’s show photo) and try to copy that. Leave the dog nutrition to the experts. By that I mean vets who actually know Scotties!

    1. The scary part is, if you click through to Youtube it says something like Petparlor Academy so actually looks like a grooming school!!! Mind you that’s nto saying much – it’s hard to find someone who really knows what to do with a Scottie in the US. From her know-it-all tone I’m sure she thinks she’s an expert in grooming just like dog physique! I encourage people to leave a comment there if you don’t agree or at least ‘dislike’!

  17. Frontier justice day at the Scottie News, I see.

    What next? Will we be critiquing the groomer lady’s hair style?

    I must confess that I’m quite fond of larger size women and dogs.

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