Even presidents’ dogs get constant criticism

Barney lets loose and bites a reporter during the last days of the Bush regime

Former President George W. Bush’s memoir tour is dredging up a lot of Barney stories that Scottish Terrier and Dog News readers are already familiar with, but, even at our world editorial headquarters, we hadn’t hear this one, about Nevada Senator Harry Reid, before:

He called George W. Bush a “liar” and a “loser.” When Bush invited Reid for coffee in the Oval Office in the final weeks of his presidency, the president’s dog walked in, and Reid says he insulted the president’s pet. “Your dog is fat,” he said.

Frankly, the Scottie News, doubts Barney was fat. He’s just a stocky guy. As for Reid, he’s a known fat hater and even though he lives at the Ritz, he’s badly in need of some genuine class.

6 thoughts on “Even presidents’ dogs get constant criticism

  1. Hi Noodle Dog,

    I’ve tried to find something on Reid and Licorice, but so far not even a trace.

    Have you got a source for the Scottie News.


    1. Ann

      I never saw your comment back until today. Senator Reid had his scottie Licorice in the 1970s.


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