Scottish Terrier feted at lavish birthday party

Dartagnan the Peruvian Scottish Terrier celebrates his second birthday party at the agility course

Being a Scottie agility champ has its benefits as is made clear in this exclusive photo from Brazilian Peruvian Scottish Terrier Dartagnan’s second birthday party, held at the agility circuit.

Wish I could have been there! Please send an invite and a private jet next year.

And p.s. Dartagnan, I’m looking for a pair of shoes in the same print as your stylish Party Animal hat.

4 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier feted at lavish birthday party

  1. He looks so flattered!! Belated Happy Birthday! (Um, wow, that is some colorful punch — I think everyone must have been running round the agility course after that!! 😉 )

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