The story of a Scottish Terrier rescued from a puppy mill

Dee-Dee came from a puppy mill owner in WV, thus the Harem Costume she sports here seems appropriate, says her owner and rescuer.

A reader writes:

When I first met Dee Dee, she was covered up to her chest in mud, feces and straw, as well as ticks and fleas. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to purchase her freedom along with the other Scotties I got that day, as she was “owned” by someone else.  But I gave the number to the facility owner and asked that if she was ever up for a new home to please pass the number along. As I was removing all her other Scottie companions (most went to Scottish Terrier rescue), I stopped to pet her and told her that we would meet again someday and that  my prayers would be with her every day. She wagged her tail and stepped up to get closer to me. Her sweet face and her desire to go with me left me with tears streaming down my face as I left her in that dark, dirty pen.

I would think about her many times and wonder how she was, if she was cold, if she was well . . . if she was having another litter of puppies. On those occasions, I would always ask God to keep her safe and bring her to me. Nearly two years later, I got a call from yet another person who had inherited Dee-Dee and said he had received my contact information and wanted to know if I still wanted her. There was no question about that!

I was glad to be able to finally bring Dee-Dee home.

I was sad to discover that she had a large hernia that had to be repaired and that ear had been nearly chewed off during a kennel fight where I was told she was protecting her newly-born puppies from other dogs. Now when I look at that ear, I celebrate her spirit and courage because Dee-Dee is all  heart. It was a happy, yet sad day, as our oldest Scottie died during the night before Dee-Dee came home to us from her spay surgery. Still, it confirmed to me that Dee-Dee was meant to be our girl.

She is a wonderful, loving dog who seems to be entirely pleased to have finally found her forever home with us.

This harem outfit seems to harken back to her days as a puppy producer and I love the sidelong looks she’s giving the camera.  What a seductress!!

9 thoughts on “The story of a Scottish Terrier rescued from a puppy mill

  1. Great story – thank goodness for people who can rescue dogs like that.

    She looks such a lovely girl – every day must be a blessing.

  2. What a beautiful story! I love how Dee Dee’s Scottie spirit was never daunted through her hard life. What a blessing that she found a forever home.

    We had a wonderful rescue to love–Wink, named because he had to lose one eye due to infection when we adopted him. We had him for seven months before he died from his heart worms that he was to old and weak to have treated. The time was way to short but we know it was the BEST seven months of his life!

  3. Dee Dee is a true survior. Kudos to you for rescuring her. Blessings to you/your family. Dee Dee is quit the catch. She looks like a princess.

  4. I,too, was fortunate to adopt a puppy mill scottie. Harry lived in a wire cage for 4 years. His front paws were turned outward and were enlarged due to walking on wire for so long. He never outgrew his fear of men, and was obviously mistreated. I know he loved me in his own way and I loved him. We only had him for 3 years, and he died from an enlarged tumor at age 7. I miss him every day and want to adopt another dog from a puppy mill, but I have two breed rescue scottie puppies at the moment and they need to get a big older. I loved hearing about Dee-Dee, and wish Harry had been able to come out of his shell more. But, while 3 years was not enough time for me, I know they were happy years for him. He loved being outside, playing in the grass, stepping into a kiddie pool in the summer, going for walks (after he learned that this was an ejoyable experience), and riding in the car. Thank you for sharing your story and I’m happy you finally were able to adopt your harem girl.

  5. Dee-Dee was nearly five and a half year old when we finally got her, and I was a little worried that she might have changed during the intervening years when I first saw her and finally was able to get her. But she was as loving and friendly as the day of our first encounter. Her owner met me at near my vet’s office so I could take her straightaway to her initial appointment. As she was covered with fleas and pretty dirty, the vet’s staff helped me bathe her right there in their offices. After they were done, she raced around the room with the Scottie crazies and tried to rub her face on even the hard floor and exam table surfaces. We all had a big laugh over her enthusiastic approach to bath time.

    I would like to say she remembered me from our initial encounter. Judging from the way she sticks to me alone, I think she must have. She is definitely my dog, although she loves everyone and treats all the other dogs in our household with great respect.

    While we often think our prayers or good wishes for animals beyond our help doesn’t really make a difference, but Dee-Dee taught me differently. I am fully confident that my prayers for her brought us together again. I thank God for her every day!
    God bless all of you who take in and rescue the unwanted, the unknown, the unseen.

  6. What a wonderful story!!! Thanks for sharing it and give the gorgeous Dee-Dee a kiss from Darko, my handsome Scottie rescue 😉

  7. What an awesome story! Truly meant to be! I have 2 Scotties, one is a rescue. He was nearly 5 when we got him and we were his 3rd home. He is the most loving, sweetest and funniest boy ever! He is fiercely protective of the Scottie we already had, a girl who was 3 at the time. I often get emotional when thinking about what life might have been like for him before coming to me, but I try to focus on the love and home we provide for him – and him for us! I think we are almost luckier to have them!!

    A HUGE thank you to all the people out there who help those in need, whatever species!

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