Where is this snowy Wheaten Scottish Terrier?

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As faithful readers of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News know, our world headquarters is in Canada so we are no strangers to snow, but when we saw this shot we were still kind of surprised to see so much snow in November.

Anyone want to guess where it was taken?

And yes, we agree, the two of them are adorable.

Here are some more of our all-time favourite snow photos and posts including the story of the Scottish Terrier who found buried treasure in the snow and tips on dealing with Scottie snowballs.

Update: Okay, the location has been revealed in the comments by an internet sleuth. It’s St. Petersburg, Russia where I expect the locals to look like the photo below in winter, not  like they just emerged from a yoga studio around the corner. Back when Lara and Yuri were carrying on people wore the Ugg-like objects on their heads whereas nowadays it’s the opposite with the big furry things on their feet and a sleeker look on top. Go figure.

(Off topic: Why do people always carry obviously empty suitcases in movies when they go to so much trouble to make everything else seem authentic? It’s one of my pet peeves.)

Lara and Yuri in the snow in Dr. Zhivago. They don't have Scottish Terriers just empty suitcases

5 thoughts on “Where is this snowy Wheaten Scottish Terrier?

  1. That, to me, looks exactly like St-Petersburg, Russia; and if it’s not folks, I’ll eat my shirt without salt and pepper. (Ok, ok, I admit, I cheated a little…) But best of all is the classic Scottie specimen seen here taking his/her master for a walk and leading the parade with a heads up, tails up attitude. Drop dead gorgeous!

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