Scottish Terrier dressed for the Xmas party

Scottish Terrier in red tartan: fug or fab?

It’s Abigail’s fabulous Pippi.

9 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier dressed for the Xmas party

  1. With the look she is giving the photographer, I’d say she is just a tad miffed…I suspect somebodies slippers will soon be toast…

  2. …I’ve said this before, but how on earth do people manage to get thier Scotties to wear stuff? Because it all comes off again like 2 seconds later with some major rolling about and pulling with teeth.

  3. If I can manage to get Angus out from under the table (which is where he runs when any type of clothing — including his harness — comes out) he will usually let me “dress” him. Of course, he stands like a cement statue so sometimes it takes quite a bit of work. My Westie, on the other hand, LOOOVES to get dressed. He loves his harness, his boots, his coats, anything. They are quite the opposite.

  4. HI Nancy,

    At the moment, I don’t have any suggestions, but I plan on doing some research and writing something on this subject in a few weeks.

    Please let the Scottie News know if you find something in the mean time.


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