Scottish Terrier vest: no comment

Go ahead, make your Xmas sweater jokes

It’s available used on eBay. Get your bids in.

11 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier vest: no comment

  1. VERY nice vest. Out here in Arizona (look out, here it comes) vests are quite in style. No, note for the ‘cowboy’ look, but for helping conceal our legally carried firearms. It’s too hot to wear a full sweater or coat. These vests work great. What a nice vest to wear over a Stainless Steel Walther .380.

    My wife knits vests and caps for babies born too early. Some of these babies end up wearing their knits as their last clothes. Sad at Christmas time.

    All of my Scotties wear hand knitted vests during winter.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. You’re very diplomatic, Ann! 🙂 I have to say there is a startling variety of this kind of thing on eBay….usually described as “tacky” or “ugly” for some reason…?! 🙂

  3. Hello Ann and Bridget ~ Just stopping by so Duncan, Brie and I can wish you a happy holiday season!
    One of your readers found me and my author website via your site and I wanted to thank you for listing me here.
    I just read your post on poor Bridget and her itching problems. I’m afraid my Duncan developed some bad itching this year also…….He just had a bath with a new shampoo, oatmeal and aloe vera. I saw what you used, but have a feeling it might only be available in Canada?
    Your site on Scotties continues to be wonderful! Keep up the good work and all the best to you and Bridget in 2011.

  4. I have that same sweater . . . received it as a gift. Feel the same way as you do about it. Never thought of E-bay.
    Can anyone tell me WHY there are so many awful Scottie sweaters out there? Is it so hard to make a nice, classy one? Maybe a teeny tiny Scottie on it?

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