Scottish treats for Brits – move quickly

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Marks and Sparks seems to have a terrier theme going this year. Here are the Westies.

Get going or the stores will be closed!

5 thoughts on “Scottish treats for Brits – move quickly

  1. As soon as I dust off the camera … I’ll post some pix of the Walker’s Shortbread Scottie treats – a small dish gift set, readily available in Metro grocery stores (unless the store has already sold out), as well as a Scottie cookie jar and a mug set! Merry Christmas to all!!!

    1. Has anyone seen or made shortbread scotties to hang by ribbon or similar tie from a Christmas? I remember chocs in silver paper wrappers (us naughty kids used to eat them before Christmas Day) hanging from the family Christmas tree. Shortbread scotties might be a nice addition. What do you say?

  2. Good old Marks, they always do scottie owners proud. I also got a lovely make-up bag from Marks with a scottie on it as a christmas present. Other scottie items I got for christmas were a silver charm, pj’s and shortbread. People are never stuck for present ideas with a scottie owner!

  3. I still miss Marks & Sparks – a crying shame they closed their Canadian stores … (Scottie PJ’s would have been a grrrreat Christmas gift ! … sigh …)

    1. Us Brits have lost a lot of good things – Woolies for one, and Cadburys Chocolate to others – hopefully they don’t change it, or not too much. What about choc scottie dogs for the tree? Maybe not such a good idea, since chocolate not being suitable for dogs, and a few might decide to try them out. I can imagine a scottie thinking, ‘I’ll have a wee go at that’, and helping itself to the Christmas deccy. Perhaps best not, unless, of course, out of terrier-ists reach.

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