The Scottish Terrier fat police are back

Last month, Scottie News readers were rightfully enraged by a video falsely claiming that a Scottish Terrier named Angus was too fat.

Now the makers of that video are back — at the fattest time of the year — with a Wheaten Scottish Terrier they say is the correct weight. The poor dog has been shaved, chained to a grooming table and given a TSA-style pat down while his groomers broadcast to the world that he still has his junk. (Scottie News tried to get a good look but the junk appeared to be concealed by the chains.)

Once again, I would like to emphasize that I am not in favour of overfeeding dogs, but I do agree with what commenter Kimberly wrote last time we explored this topic:

We have two Scotties, one black one wheaten. The black was the runt and only survivor of the litter, but she does have the “ideal” body shape. The problem though, is that the wheaten we own, is more a typical Scottie. The only problem is that with her sitting right next to the other, people always say she is fat. As per our vet, we switched to a diet dog food, and would take her out running. She has more energy than the “fit” Scot, yet can not lose the weight. We got to the point that if we were to limit food any more it would be considered starving our dogs. At this point I think that we have decided that as long as she is eating a portioned amount, and getting enough exercise, there really is nothing you can do in a humane way to get the dog to the ideal weight. So for me, as long as the pup is healthy, there is not much else you can do. We are not trying to win any anorexia contests here.

17 thoughts on “The Scottish Terrier fat police are back

  1. … but he’s only young, he hasn’t got his adult build yet! I seriously think the women has got wind of the comments on this site last time, she seems to be emphasising knowledge that we considered lacking before. She probably feels the need to vindicate herself, I just wish she didn’t do it with Scotties. The poor little fella looks most put out.
    Do they really have all those chains in proper groomers??? (I do Kirk myself.)

    1. Count me in for loathing vote. AND, has that poor fella been shaved down like that for a reason ? I do hope he lives in a warm climate. AND what’s with the industrial strength chains ? I groom my Gracie myself. This entire video is bizarre. Poor fella looks very unhappy. His owner should be very unhappy too – I wonder if his owner’s head is the same size as his butt… just wonderin’…

  2. I have to “weigh in” on this topic (no “weighing” pun intended … ha!)
    My Wheaten Scottie is ALWAYS accused of being “fat” – I’m constantly correcting people, explaining he’s been on diet food since the day I adopted him – he’s just STOCKY (if he were a human, we’d say he’s “barrel-chested” …) – in comparison, my wee black Scottie eats ordinary food but just can’t seem to gain any weight … hence, I can relate to Kimberly’s remarks – I’m in the same boat with my two lads.
    Funny thing is, one of my uncles had a Wheaten Scottie but everybody thought it was a Westie – it was only when my mother saw MY Wheaten that she realized Uncle George’s dogs had actually been a Scottie! – also, my Wheaten lies on top of me just like my uncle’s used to lie on top of him in the hammock on their boat!!!
    (I swear it’s a genetic thing … my Wheaten also turns around for one last look outside, every time we come home from a walk just like Uncle Eric … but … that’s another story for another day …)

  3. I don’t loathe her. I just think she’s wrong and — given her own physique — not the best spokesperson for the cause.

    I suspect she chose not to be on camera this time round due to our rather pointed comments about her figure on the last video.

  4. Where do you get these hideous videos from?!?!?!?
    Poor MacDougall with those chains cutting into his underparts .. where did this person do her training, at a rodeo?
    I wouldn’t mind chaining this person to a wharf & letting the high tide put her out of her misery.
    If MacDougall had bitten her, serve her right!

  5. Just trying to figure out — what does the groomer’s physique have to do with her assessment of the dogs she is grooming?

    I was bothered by the initial exchange about Angus’s weight (having a wonderful, portly Angus in my family…). What bothered me most were the attacks on the groomer…

    And here it is surfacing again. Just not liking it…

    1. As I said in the first post, I don’t usually comment on people’s looks and physique, but, in this case, I did because 1) I didn’t think Angus was fat and 2) the irony.

      I do understand, however, why you would not like it. And I thank you for leaving your opinion. I’m in favour of thoughtful dissent and I put your comment in that category.

      1. With respect, I thought it was entirely acceptable (perhaps even appropriate) to comment on the owner’s/woman’s physique inasmuch as it seemed to me her treatment of the poor Wheaten smacked of “Munchausen Syndrome” vice an ad hominum attack (i.e. in the context of Munchausen, she can’t or won’t do anything to keep her own appetite or weight under control therefore she over-aggressively subjects the poor Wheaten to all the indignities instead …). $0.02

    2. Don’t you wonder if she has dogs? Do you think that they are of a normal weight, overweight, or Whippet skinny? In my experience, overweight owners= overweight dogs!

  6. OMG – this poor sweet pooch. Why would she clip him like that? We had that horrible trim done the very first time we had our Scottie groomed (we assumed that groomer KNEW how she was to groom her – we were WRONG) and it took forever to grow out! I was so embarrased for her – they don’t have the bone structure for that cut. We loving referred to her as “hippo hips”. It was dreadful. Anyway, enough on that (she is now beautiful again) – yes, I agree, I would love to smack this woman too as some have said. You all with me?

    1. OMG – “hippo hips”! – THAT is priceless …!!
      (and, come to think of it … we’ve always referred to my own “little” Wheaten as “polar bear” … but … he DOES kinda remind me of a hairy little hippo … haha!)

  7. It’s possible that the groomer is projecting her own issues onto the dogs. I know how it is since I have the same issues, Once you start looking at the world through that lens, it’s hard not to.

    Oddly enough, I’m overweight, but my dog (Shiba Inu mix) isn’t. In fact, she’s become a picky owner in her old age (12), and I’m under vet’s orders to make sure she eats. The vet has checked her over, and her teeth and general health are OK, so I don’t know what the deal is.

  8. Oops, meant to type “picky eater.” Darn carpal tunnel. My fingers are hurting a little today, and it affects my typing.

  9. Just stumbled across this post as I’m looking at back issues… Our brindled baby is much bigger than our black laddie–and I echo the feelings that the vet can feel more harsh about the weight issues. However, it did get to the point where we worried about joint or knee issues, so….diet, per the vet, who was right. She told us absolutely to not bother with “diet dog food.” Instead, she advocated still keeping some kibble, but replace the majority of the volume with frozen veggies–the more generic and cubed up, the more they like it…and if he had any problem with it, add diet yogurt or chicken broth. Well, this was so well received that I had to separate them at feedings–because the “skinny black” (alpha) wanted the dieter’s food… Anyway, our brindled guy lost the pounds and is medically clear, and now, all dogs get a split of veggies and some kibble. I just never thought a dog diet would be fun, but they love it. I just want them healthy! Hope that can help someone considering diet issues if needed for healthy reasons! We would have done this earlier if we’d known how much they both would love it…who knew?

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